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What are the shades of light-brown hair: photos

Not so long ago blond curls were considered gray,boring and unattractive. Therefore, most girls painted them in a variety of brighter and more saturated colors. As a result, the bare-headed young ladies practically did not remain, but red, brunettes and blondes, on the contrary, became very much.

But in the last few years the fashion dictates to usnew trends. Now girls with an "artificial" or non-standard shade of ringlets are considered "backward from life". Especially, if their age has already strongly surpassed for so-called teenage. But the beautiful person with a natural hair color (shades of light-brown now at the peak of popularity) have every right to be called trend beauties.

But what if the girl still wants to change the image,and, for example, dye your hair in a trendy ash-blond hair color? What you need to know in order not to make a mistake with the choice of tone? And whether it is possible to paint hair in the cherished color at home?

We learn in the article!

What is a light brown color?

When one of my friends mentionsblondes, we represent a girl with light or almost white hair. About brown-haired women with brown curls. If, in the conversation, the narrative boils down to brunettes, we understand that we mean a young lady with black hair. And, accordingly, when pronouncing the phrase "red-headed beast", everyone thinks of a girl with dark orange curls. But to understand what the hue behind the blonde hair color is hidden, it just will not work. After all, what, in fact, is this tone?

light brown hair color for brunettes

So, on the expanses of the Internet you can meetpoint of view that the studied hair color includes a palette of shades from white to black. Perhaps, that's why many girls call this color mouse? But the stylists give a more complete explanation. According to their opinion, light brown color is a direct relative of the blond shade. But if there is a golden ebb in the latter, then in the former it is completely absent. In addition, light brown differs from the tones of the blond palette by the presence of a gray pigment, which in some cases really makes the hair very similar to the hair of an ordinary rodent.

Why not paint your fair hair?

In most cases, girls and even peoplethe older do not like their natural color, if it is fair-haired, because as young ladies it seems uninteresting. As a result, they run, not dismantling the road, to the nearest store, in order to purchase a dye product with any other shade. And this is a big mistake.

Shades of light brown hair can be veryoriginal and elegant, because they are a huge number. With proper care, they "open up", become more extravagant, bright or tender. In addition, as noted by stylists, the blond curls best look different types of coloring. For example, fashionable now ombre, shatush, balayazh, beybiling and even usual melirovanie will significantly change not only the "mouse" color, but the whole image of the beautiful person.

Таким образом, если ухаживать за своими локонами correctly, and the modern beauty industry allows you to do this, you will be able to remain a natural beauty, not thinking about completely changing the color of your head of hair.

cold shade of light brown hair

What natural light shades of light brown hair exist?

The question that we have formed in the titlethe current point, are set not only fair-haired beauties, wishing to slightly change the tone. Brunettes, blondes and even redheads sometimes think about what shade of light-brown "try on". For this reason, we further invite our reader to consider all known tones of the color in question. Let's start with the light ones.

Light-light blond is the tone that is mostsimilar to the color of natural blondes. It is ideally combined with pink or porcelain skin, gray or blue eyes. In hair colors, he is presented at number nine.

Light-blond hair color is a shade calledstylists chameleon. Because it is noteworthy that it changes its tone depending on the lighting. Most suitable for young ladies with light eyes and swarthy or slightly tanned skin. In the palette of hair colors is numbered eight.

What natural dark tones of light brown exist?

We already said earlier that the fair-haired color is veryunusual. It includes several tones that are on the palette between the blonde tint (10) and black (1). Therefore, having considered the light tones of light-brown, we turn to the study of the dark ones. And there are also two of them:

  1. Medium-blond is perhaps the most interesting shade.After all, a girl with such a hair, at first glance, refers to blondes, and on the second - to brunettes. But if you look more closely, it seems that her hair is generally some kind of incomprehensible shade. However, it looks very attractive. Well, it fits almost all the girls. The only thing that possesses light eyes is better to choose shades with a silver sublime, and dark ones - with golden. In hair colors it is represented at number seven.
  2. Dark-blonde hair color is a shade, verychestnut-colored. And if the girl wants to appear brighter, but is afraid to use the tones of the chocolate and black palette, she usually chooses it. However, it is important to know that this tone is not at all suitable for beautiful people with tanned or tanned skin. In other respects, there are no strict prohibitions. In hair colors, he is numbered six.

How to create a light-light blond shade with the help of a coloring agent?

About changing your image, into a certainthe moment reflects every girl. And it does not matter how old she is. And very often, considering the different tones, she stops at one of the blond. For this reason, at the current point we will find out which paint to buy in the store to get the right shade of light brown hair. Palette (photo of one of them we will consider) many lines it allows, but we will consider the line "Loreal Paris".

ashen blond hair

So, to get the lightest tone of the brown color, we recommend dyeing the hair with the following hair dyes:

  1. "Loreal Paris" collection "Preference" shade number 9.13 - differs beautiful and does not reveal the future hair color name - "Baikal".
  2. The line of the same brand, but tone number 9 allows you to create a softer and golden hue, which is called "Hollywood".

How to create a light blond shade?

If you want to experiment with appearance,giving hair a light blond tone, we recommend using the line of the company "Loreal Paris", called "Ekselans". Particular attention should be paid to the tone 8.12 "Mystical Blond" and 8.13 "Light Blond Beige".

And also very elegant shades are obtained,thanks to the Casting Cream Gloss product line from L'Oreal Paris. If you want to get a light-blond hair color with an ashy tint, you need to dye your hair with the medium number 801. Or choose 810 tones, which is called “Light blond mother-of-pearl”.

How to create a medium blond shade?

It is very simple to get an elegant and most popular hair color, you just need to buy coloring products of the following brands in the store:

  1. "L'Oreal Paris" shades number 7 "Blonde" and 7.1 "Blonde ash" from the Excellence series.
  2. "L'Oreal Paris" series "Excellence 10" tone number 713, which is called "Frosty Beige."
  3. "Olia" from the French brand "Garnier" shade 7.13 "Beige Brown".

How to create a dark blond shade?

Our readers can see which coloring agents change the actual hair color to a shade of light brown in the photo below.

shades of light brown hair

That is, a medium-blond color can be obtained by using such compositions as:

  1. “Preference” series from “L'Oreal Paris” tone number 6 “Madrid”.
  2. The “Excellence” collection from “L'Oreal Paris” shade number 6 is called “Dark Brown”.
  3. The line “Excellence” from “L'Oreal Paris” paint numbered 6.13 - “Dark blonde beige”.

What tones are false tints of hair?

Recently, just a colossalPopular acquired light brown hair color with an ashy tint. Some people confuse it with platinum blonde, but stylists explain that this light brown tone is different from blond with a cool gray undertone, while platinum casts silver.

Why does he belong to false-tinged shades?Because it does not exist in nature, that is, there is no such a natural hair. What other shades of light brown derived artificially? Golden, red and cold blonde. To give your hair one of these tones, you should purchase the following dye:

  • The world famous brand "L'Oreal Paris" series“Excellence” shade number 03 - “Super lightening ashy ashes”, line “Casting Cream Gloss” tone 910 - “Very light blond ashy”, “Preference” collection shade 9.1 - “Viking”.
  • Also the company "L'Oreal Paris" offers tonesgolden-blond scale: a series of “Casting Cream Gloss” tone number 8034 - “Honey Nougat”, a series of “Recital Preference” shade 8.32 called “Berlin”, a collection of “Excellence” tone 9.3 - “Very light blond golden”.
  • And red-blond hair color can be achieved withrelief paints from L'Oreal Paris: Casting Cream Gloss series of tones No. 6354 - Caramel Macchiato, 7304 - Spiced Caramel and 700 - Rusy, Preference's line of shade 7.43 - Shangrila.
  • But the cold shade of light brown hairThese brands are: “Pallet” tone number C6 is called “Cold Medium Brown”, “L'Oreal Paris” of the collection “Sublime Mousse” shade 600 - “Pure light chestnut” and “Recital Preference” tone number 8.1 - “Copenhagen. Light blond ashen. ”
brown hair at home

When do I need a wash?

A huge number of beautiful ladies buypaint with your favorite tone and use it, without delving into the rules of hair coloring. And make a serious mistake. After all, the selected color does not always appear on the hair as we would like. In addition, in some cases, it does not alter the natural color of the hair at all. With what it can be connected?

The most important thing to mention about light brown colorhair, is as follows: without difficulty, hair can be dyed to the desired shade only by persons whose hair is blond or gray. Other girls and women will need a wash. What it is and whether it can be done at home, find out in the next paragraph.

Hair bleaching rules

Итак, как мы уже сказали выше, светлым волосам no wash is needed. But if a girl still wants to lighten them a little, she can do it with the help of natural dyes (we will examine them later). Which are much more benign than the option needed by brunettes and brown-haired women.

If a young lady with dark hair decided to change her image, making her lighter, she needs to get a decolorant in the store. Or in a simple way. What it is?

A wash is a special compound thatbleaches or brightens hair in several tones. You can buy it at any cosmetic store in the department of hair dye. Excellent products are offered by such brands as “Syoss” under the number 12-0 - “Intensive Brightener”, “Pallet” E20 - “Brightening” and “Garnier” 111 - “Super Brightening Platinum Blonde”.

Some girls may need to spendseveral clarifying procedures. The interval between them must be at least a month so that the hair does not turn into straw or fall out at all. Therefore, dark-haired beauties should consider the option of highlighting or toning, gradually giving the head of hair the desired light brown hair color with an ashy tint. A photo of a successful coloring is presented below.

shades of light brown hair photo

How to lighten hair with natural dyes?

There are many ways, but these are the most popular:

  1. Honey + vinegar. We mix the specified ingredients in a proportion 1: 2. Apply to hair and hold for at least five hours (it can be all night).
  2. Soda + water. The mixture should not be very liquid, so that it is convenient to apply to the hair. It is recommended to carry out the procedure within a month once a week.
shades of light brown hair palette photo

Natural washes can use andbeautiful ladies with dark hair, but their process will take a little longer. But as a result, they too will be able to show off the elegant shade of light brown hair, the photos of which we reviewed in the article.