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Cold colors in appearance type

A variety of color palette helps to choosea range of shades for clothing, make-up, which are most suitable for the type of appearance. The most important thing is to combine and combine them correctly. Let's try to figure out what type of appearance can be attributed their natural data, and how to create an image to look natural or contrast.

cold colors

Each color has its own temperature.Cold colors are blue and all colors that are obtained by mixing with it, warm colors are yellow and red and all of their derivatives. These are the primary colors in the palette, all other shades are considered optional. White and black are neutral colors that do not have temperature. All additional shades of blue are cold colors, and yellow and red are warm colors.

The right combination is, first of all, the balancetemperatures. For example, cool colors in clothes will be an excellent accent for owners of warm shades of hair and skin tones. The warm colors of the outfit are accentuated by the cold color of the skin and the ashy-fairy tinge of the hair of their owners. Moreover, opposite in temperature shades strengthen each other, and close - absorb. Against the backdrop of red hair and pink skin, the eyes will be bright green. The straw color of the hair and the yellow skin tone will enhance the blue of your eyes. A light shade of hair and gray eyes fade against the background of the color of the skin with a blue glow. To create an image, you need to take into account the color temperature of the clothes, the type of appearance and the contrast level.

cold hair color
Cold hair color will be the owners of strands with ashy tinge, and warm - with a golden and reddish.

People of warm type appearance skin tone with pinkand yellow glow. Owners of very light skin tones with a blue glow and an ash-gray shade of blond hair are a cold type. The contrast level of the type of appearance depends on the intensity of the color of the hair and skin. Dark hair color and light skin tone - this is a high level of contrast, as well as the owners of light hair and dark skin tone. A low level of contrast is pale skin and blond hair. Imagine a cold blond hair color and beige warm skin tone - this level of contrast will be average.

cold light brown hair color

Cold colors in makeup for a warm typeappearance will create accents, and in the image of those who have light brown hair and light skin has shades of blue and green - harmoniously fit. Make-up in warm colors will stand out against the background of cold shades of hair and skin tone with a blue glow. For owners of light pink skin with the color of hair from the red or yellow palette, it is better to use make-up in warm colors. Shades of shadows can enhance the color of the eyes: green eyes - a red palette, and blue - yellow. For owners of brown eyes and dark hair any palette of shades, except for very light cold shades, which will look contrastingly, will do. All the shades that are correctly chosen will harmoniously emphasize your natural beauty. To create contrasting moments in your image, use colors in clothing and makeup that will be opposite in temperature.