/ What color of hair approaches or suits karem to eyes most of all?

What color of hair approaches or suits karem to eyes most of all?

It is impossible to tell in a few words about the color of the hair that comes to the brown eyes. The skin color and facial features are important.

A theory deserves attention, according to which all shades are broken into types. It will help you choose your hair color. The primary type belongs to the primary tones, which are three: blue, red, yellow.

what color is suitable for the brown eyes
If red and yellow shades predominate, then the color gamut is considered warm. If a large percentage belongs to blue, then the palette is cold.

In order to learn about what color hairapproaches to karim eyes, it is necessary to determine what shades, warm or cold, prevail in your appearance. For example, the skin may have a reddish-yellow (warm) or a bluish-pink (cold) hue. Then you need to determine which hair color is rich in color, slightly colored or dyed brightly, most suited to your type of appearance. To do this, bring to the person in turn the material of cold and warm colors. When the color fits, the skin immediately becomes fresh, and the lips, even the unpainted ones, are bright. Red veins on the face become invisible, circles under the eyes turn pale, in general you look prettier, younger and brighter.

If the color does not suit you, the face looks tired, pale. Circles under the eyes are noticeably prominent, the skin seems weather-beaten, reddish.

your hair color
If you are a warm type, then your skinon a background of bluish-pink color will look pale, and lips will acquire a bluish tinge. But salmon-pink, on the contrary, will refresh you. The same thing happens with the color of the hair, if it fits or does not fit your face. So, to decide which hair color is suitable for the brown eyes, you should know that warm shades are preferable. The easiest way is to take a palette and in turn apply the samples to the face, then you will see what color suits you. Brown-eyed, as a rule, go and light and dark hair. Just keep in mind that girls with a warm skin type will need to choose a hair color of warm shades. If it's a dark tone, then with a golden hue: chocolate, mocha.

Very impressive looks blonde with brown eyes. But in no case should a blond be with a cold gray tinge. Only warm colors: wheat, apricot, sand.

Representatives of the cold type will accordingly go to all shades of dark color without a red pigment, in the people they are called "with a green". It is bitter chocolate, light brown, light blond.

choose hair color
Lovers of black, be careful!This color is more for girls with small facial features, while large ones look with black hair somewhat gruffly. Also this tone requires a bright make-up, expressive eyebrows, tinted lips. More natural shades of black, which are close to dark brown, will go brown-eyed warm. Blue-black or graphite-black will be to the face of girls who have a cold shade of skin.

Why are you looking for an answer to the question of what color hair comes to the brown eyes? If you want to make your image more vivid, then with brown eyes, it will look good to a dark red.