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Modification and code on GTA: San Andreas on the transformer

It would seem impossible to make suchmasterpiece project like "GTA: San Andreas" is even better. But users refute this assertion, creating more and more new modifications that add bright colors, unusual features and a huge amount of content to the game. However, this article will focus on a specific modification that allows you to pilot a real transformer, which can turn into a vehicle - otherwise it would not be a transformer. Naturally, you will want to learn the code on GTA: San Andreas on the transformer. You will also get this information from this article.


code on gta san andreas on the transformer

As you can imagine, in the original version of the game,which conveys real life as closely as possible, there are no transformers. The developers did not add anything like this to the game - so where did they come from then? It's very simple - to get the transformers in the game, you will need a special modification. There are various mods that add both Autobot and Decepticon. You can make a choice who you would like to see more, or you can add everyone at once. Naturally, you will also need the GTA: San Andreas code for the transformer, because it will not be very easy to get it. Much better if you have a cheat with which you can get hold of your robot right on the spot. What does the code on GTA: San Andreas look like on a transformer?

Transformer codes

GTA San Andreas Codes for Transformers

Как уже было сказано ранее, никто не запрещает you travel the world and try to find, and then win back your robot, but it will take you a lot of time and take a significant stock of your resources. Accordingly, it is best to use the special code on the GTA: San Andreas on the transformer to get it as soon as possible. For example, you can get a transformer suit if, after installing a modification, enter the code FOR5TOK. Fortunately, this is not the only option - you can also use the codes MMP09NN7, POZAS7W, and so on to achieve completely different results. However, in any case, you will have your own transformer, which is really impressive. Of course, there are many more transformers and, of course, cheats for them. In the "GTA: San Andreas" codes for transformers are not included in the list of basic cheats, as they become available only after installing the modification.

Using Transformers

codes for gta san andreas on the transformer

There are extremely simple mods that allow you tojust get the look of a transformer. There is nothing unusual in them - just your character gets a skin of a robot. You enter codes on GTA: San Andreas on the transformer, and your character's appearance changes depending on which code you entered. Naturally, this does not affect the capabilities of your hero. Such mods and cheats are the easiest to find, since they require not so much effort from the creator.

Advanced Fashions

Above we have described the most simple and banal fashion.and cheats on transformers for "GTA: San Andreas", which you can meet all over the place. However, if you want really thrills and unusual events, then you better look for something more impressive. For example, modifications that change much more than just a skin. If you install such a mod, you can not just get the appearance of transformers, but also their abilities - including transformation. You can attack opponents with missiles and lasers, and then turn into a car, airplane or boat and go on an accelerated journey. Naturally, in this case, codes may be useful to you, since with their help you will be able to get much faster access to all possible features that a modification adds to the game.