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Transport GTA San Andreas: its varieties and obtaining

GTA San Andreas transport is presented inincredible variety. It can be divided into several classes. When creating each model, developers took into account the speed, mass and other indicators of the existing prototype.


First, let's discuss the unique transport of GTA San Andreas. First of all, this category includes helicopters.

  • Cargobob is a big transport air vehicle. Such helicopters are used by many armies of the world, used to transport manpower and equipment.
  • Hunter - another GTA San air transportAndreas. This is the best helicopter in the game. It is incredibly resistant to damage, besides it is equipped with a machine gun and rockets. The only drawback is poor maneuverability, which is due to the large weight.
  • Leviathan is a large helicopter. Sluggish and slow. Has the possibility of landing on the water surface.

transport gta san andreas

Other cars

Now consider the transport GTA San Andreas, which is suitable for ground travel.

  • Let's start with a racing car called Elegy.On it you can achieve perfectly controlled and extremely large rear axle drifts. The car is stable on the road. It has decent speed performance. Attention is attracted by the unusual rear lights.
  • Next, consider the car Flash. It is distinguished by its low weight and copes well with difficult turns.
  • The next model in the game is Jester. It is about a two-seater car. Handling and speed performance at his height. It has front-wheel drive.
  • Now you should discuss the heavy and big car called Stratum. The machine is relatively easy to cope with collisions and sweeps away various obstacles.
  • Sultan is a great model.acceleration and excellent braking performance. In addition, the car received four-wheel drive. The car can be supplemented with proprietary colors, rear wing and wheels of golden color.
  • Car Uranus has a small weight and size. In this case, the acceleration is rather slow.
  • Benson is a type of working vehicle. It is often found in industrial and port areas.
  • Berkley’s RC Van - this type of car is very difficult to find in the city. Sometimes such a van can be found on the territory of Las Venturas or in other regions.

unique transport gta san andreas


So we learned what vehicles are represented in GTA San Andreas. The codes for transport will be given below.

  • So, to get a tank, during the game, enter the AIWPRTON combination.
  • The machine Bloodring Banger will be ours if you use the code CQZIJMB.
  • To start driving the boat on the basis of an air cushion, enter KGGGDKP.
  • For the bulldozer meets the combination of EEGCYXT.
  • The aircraft can be obtained by specifying URKQSRK.
  • You can become the owner of two rally cars using the appropriate PDNEJOH codes for Hotring Racer 73 and VPJTQWV for Racer 07.
  • For a long limousine responsible combination KRIJEBR.

gta san andreas codes for transport

  • We purchase a garbage truck with the code UBHYZHQ.
  • The golf car is a combination of RZHSUEW.
  • To use the ATV, specify FOURWHEELFUN.
  • Helicopter flight can be performed using the OHDUDE code.
  • A rustic jeep will be ours through a combination of JQNTDMH.
  • If you need a truck with a tank filled with fuel, enter AMOMHRER.

Now you know how to get different transport GTA San Andreas.