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Improving graphics in GTA San Andreas - options and customization options

A favorite part of the majority of gamers from the GTA seriesremains San Andreas. Despite the fact that more than 10 years have passed since the release of the game, modifications and additions are still being made to it. Starting from the replacement of cars for real and finishing with a complete processing of cities - the game has seen much in its time. Up to now, there has been a demand among the players for improved graphics in GTA San Andreas. Do not disregard the online version of the action. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the server every day and spend a lot of time in the sunny state of San Andreas. In this article, you will learn how to transform your favorite game beyond recognition and what tools are needed for this.

improved graphics in gta san andreas

ENB files

This method is the most common amonggaming community. Improving graphics in GTA San Andreas with the help of ENB has many options and modifications. Since each user wants to customize the configuration of files to their liking, on the Internet you can find hundreds and thousands of options for improving ENB.

Some of them are optimized for weak personalcomputers. Suitable for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the game, while not updating the configuration of your PC. It is worth noting that the graphics engine of this part of the series is already hopelessly outdated, but what the craftspeople can turn into graphics are really amazing. Especially this moment concerns cars. Since replacing fictitious models of cars with real ones became the first most popular modification, all modders converted transport from other, more modern games. Thus, we have many cars from different parts of NFS and other racing projects. Thanks to this method, the car park of the game looks perfect. Improving their appearance with the help of ENB, you can practically achieve the level of projects in recent years, or at least the GTA 4 graphics.

improved graphics in the gta san andreas mod

Graphics for Powerful Systems

The second half of the packages with the configuration filesENB aims at achieving a better result. Be prepared for the fact that even a sufficiently powerful computer will have difficulty coping with the issue of a stable FPS score during the game. The creators of ENB wind up the best parameters in terms of graphics, so the modifications often look unnatural. In any case, you can adjust the improvement of GTA San Andreas graphics at your discretion. To do this, it is enough to have a basic knowledge of English, an interpreter and a standard application "Notepad" on the computer.

Before installing ENB, it is recommended to replace allcar fleet for highly detailed real car models. This will give the game realism. In addition, the standard cars in the game are not distinguished by increased study, reflections and other things. Therefore, ENB can make them not beautiful, but, on the contrary, very strange.

But ENB modifications are only cosmeticchanges. For a more global processing of graphics, you will need to replace textures, work with weather conditions and so on. Consider such modifications closer.

improving people's graphics in gta san andreas

GTA San Andreas: Improving Graphics Using Texture Replacement

At present, active work isnew project modders - ROSA Project. The essence of the development is that the game will replace all original textures with high-resolution textures (HD).

At the moment, an improvement is fully availablegraphics GTA San Andreas for the desert and its environs. Also available are HD textures with a resolution of 2048 by 2048 pixels for all roads and highways. In the final version, players receive a completely redesigned product. Each texture will be replaced with a new one. It should be noted that this mod will greatly affect the optimization and stable operation of the game. Therefore, users with very weak configurations of personal computers may not hope for a smooth picture. Improving graphics in GTA San Andreas is not limited to textures and ENB. You installed a modification with quality textures, changed the models of machines, installed the top of the END mod for beautiful effects and reflections, but still the game seems too terrible? To change the situation, you will have to install many more add-ons and try out a bunch of textures until there is a balanced combination that suits you.

GTA san Andreez improved graphics

Improving People in GTA San Andreas

As with the textures of cars, youyou can change all the textures of passers-by and key characters. Moreover, you can completely replace the model of the protagonist. It opens full scope for the imagination of the player. You can turn an ordinary guy from a ghetto into a rich party-goer or old grandfather. To do this, it is enough to replace the texture of the character.

Do not forget about more realistic models of allpassers-by. There is also a modification that increases the number of people on the streets, which makes the game more realistic. In the original, you can meet 3-4 people all over the street, and now you will come across real crowds of passers-by. Complete simulation of the real world and improved graphics in GTA San Andreas. Fashion on the textures of the surrounding world, cars and people - this is the best way to transform the great part of the "GTA".

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Additional enhancements

Now everything is almost ready.You need to change the display of weather conditions and add new effects. With weather effects, everything is simple. It is enough to download the next pack with modifications and install it in the game folder. You will get any weather conditions that you want: from snowfall to realistic rain and sandstorms around the city of Las Venturas. Now install the modifications to change the appearance of the weapon, bullet marks, car wheels and other effects. This will add realism to the almost finished "GTA".


Now you know how to improve the graphics in the GTA San Andreas with various modifications. Improved and beautiful game of childhood - an excellent opportunity to again go through the classic game industry!