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As in the "GTA San Andreas" to call a taxi and other secrets of the game

Поклонникам знаменитой компьютерной игры GTA San Andreas is often bored with just completing missions, killing bandits and driving a car. Therefore, they begin to have fun, who can. Moreover, in this fascinating game there are all possibilities for this, there would be a fantasy. This article will tell you how to play GTA San Andreas to make it more fun and interesting.

How in GTA San Andreas call a taxi

About cars

Here, for example, useful information for nottidy drivers. If suddenly a car or a motorcycle, or any other vehicle caught fire in your GTA San Andreas, you must immediately type a combination of Latin letters “HESOYAM” on the keyboard and the fire will immediately stop.

And if you don't have a car, but you areNear the police garage in Los Santos or Las Venturas, look in there - and you will definitely find a means of transportation. And it can be very extreme - for example, a boat or a plane. Many people ask about how to call a taxi in the GTA San Andreas. It turns out very simple. First, be near the road. Secondly, as soon as you see an approaching car with drafts, press the Y key to stop the car, and then again to get the character to get into a taxi. After that, on the map of the area, select the desired point and put a mark on it. Done! You are driving to your destination!

how to play gta san andreas

About money

You can earn money by acting on the game.scenario, and you can, just working as a taxi driver, ambulance driver and even a pimp. Indeed, why look for the answer to the question: “How can I call a taxi in the GTA San Andreas?” If you can stay in the taxi driver’s seat and get to know the city better. And for fans of extreme ways of earning there are other ways.

  1. Shoot at the cash register of any boutique, and money will immediately fall out of it. Do not stand like a pillar: in 5 seconds they will disappear without a trace.
  2. In a strip club, if you stand close to a stripper girl, the bills that are thrown at her will get to you! The main thing is not to shorten the distance with the dancer, otherwise the guards will open fire.
  3. At the races make a bet of 10 thousand.If you lose, boot from the last point and try again. If you win, save and bet again. It is best to bet on horses numbered 4 or 5, they have a very good odds, so your wallet can be enriched by several million.

Secrets of the game GTA San Andreas

And other interesting things

Perhaps in any other game there is no suchthe number of "jokes", humor and complete freedom, as in the "GTA San Andreas." Calling a taxi and not paying, hijacking someone else's car, earning money - these are flowers. And here are some interesting secrets of the game that you may not have known.

  1. You will walk through the Los Santos cemetery, look at the dug grave. There you will see a TV, and next to it is a pizza box.
  2. If you don’t touch the control at all for some time, the camera will soon begin to live its own life. And she will follow mainly the girls passing by.
  3. In the area of ​​downtown downtownrailway track is a large round building. If you enter it and climb onto the roof, then there you will find a parachute and be able to jump from the top of this skyscraper.
  4. In the depths of the ocean between Los Santos and San Fierro, under a rock underwater, lies a huge treasure chest.

Of course, this is not all the secrets of the game “GTA SanAndreas. " But the more interesting the process! But now you know how to call a taxi in the GTA San Andreas, how to get a sum with six zeros for free and what another game “trick” to show to your friends.