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The best proverbs about summer: folk and modern

"Oh, the summer is red! I would have loved you, if it had not been for the heat, but the dust, and the mosquitoes, and the flies. "

Who does not know this proverb about the summer! Probably every Russian after the statement of Alexander Pushkin, no, no, and sigh in this way in the hot season.

Language - a living organism, it absorbs time, forms folklore. Lines of songs, poems become proverbs. And it does not matter who the author is - the winged expression has gone to the people and has become a part of his culture.

Summer residents

In general, the fight against the nemesis is the destiny of summer residents,who manage to grow crops on their 6 acres. They are, perhaps, and keep people's omens and proverbs. The summer starts talking at the beginning of the season, and the season comes after the winter solstice. During this period, seedlings are grown on the windowsill.

  • The sun is summer, winter is frosty.

The day is getting longer, the beds are thawing, the farmers are sowing greens.

  • The early rain will give the treasury, but the late will completely ruin it.

For field crops, watering is important so that the grass grows in mass, the foliage is poured, and the spike forms many grains. Late rain during the harvest will soak the bread, the harvest will rot. Ruin, and only.

Summer suffering

Previously, a peasant could afford to restonly in winter. Triumphant, renewing the sledge way. Proverbs and sayings about the summer were formed by the people not for fun, they served as pointers and motivators:

  • Summer day feeds.
  • In the summer weather to wait - in the winter all family to starve.
  • Summer in the hut you will spend - in the winter you will go to gather.
  • Summer hands folded - in winter there is nothing to put in your mouth.
    In the summer you kick your foot, and in the winter you will bend the pie.
  • Everyone is safe from the summer.

proverbs and sayings about summer

Proverbs about summer reflect the course of seasonal work:

  • June does not give to be bored, will discourage the hunt for a walk.
  • July Niva thick, barn empty.
  • The crown of the summer itself does not sleep and does not give to others.

July is the working time. Day meets night, darkness does not come. Although the southern regions of Russia do not know the white nights, they also say goodbye to the sun for a while.

  • No more serious work than the July harvest.

In the summer, the mowers did not go to sleep at home, slept in the field. Pickers of mushrooms and berries, nuts, honey, medicinal herbs stayed overnight in the forest, slept by the fire.

  • In summer, every bush is a hut, grass is green — a bed, a hummock — a pillow.
  • In summer, every stack is sleeping.

With the beginning of August, the days are getting shorter. Since August 2, they do not bathe in the waters - the “deer hoof has been soaked” is cold.

  • In August, the summer before lunch.

August is the time to harvest vegetables and fruits. Mushrooms ripened in the forest. In the swamp - cranberries. Everything must have time to recycle to save for the winter.

summer proverbs

  • August is a generous owner, he has enough of everything.
  • Threatened winter, but August won.

By what the weather was at this time, they learned about the nature of the coming winter.

  • In the summer of rain - wait for the winter snow.
  • In summer, dry - in winter, wait for the cold.

Modern proverbs about summer

Most popular proverbs are suitable for modern summer residents and villagers. But life changes, and new, modern ones are created.

  • Only in summer does a citizen understand a villager.

During the maintenance work for a monththere is hot water. And if the repair is serious, shut off and cold. People store water in the bath and go to wash at the other end of the city, where prevention has already passed.

summer proverbs

Not all households share the anticipation of suburban work. Expression of the aspirations of a city dweller in repeating such a proverb about summer:

  • Well in the winter to dream, as you will sunbathe in the summer.

There are lovers of sea travel. But they need to try - to save up for the summer holiday:

  • In order to portray the starfish in the summer, it is necessary to imitate the fall and the winter workhorse.

At the resort new meetings, new acquaintances:

  • Summer is a small life.

The main thing is to calculate your strength. And that is not enough for outdoor activities. Here is what other vacationers say:

  • After the summer holidays you need to take a vacation to rest.

Someone is resting on the sea, someone is hiking,and someone does not get out of the garden at their summer cottage. No matter how we spend the hot season, a memory photo will remind you of the past in winter. And a good inscription can be one of the sayings.