/ / Russian proverbs about birds: feathered world through the eyes of our ancestors

Russian proverbs about birds: feathered world through the eyes of our ancestors

In Russia there has always been an oral oralcreation. Probably, there is no such topic on which we would not have a good saying or proverb. About birds, for example, there are thousands of utterances. Many of them are able to surprise listeners with their genuine wisdom and beauty. And it's about these pearls of folk art that we'll talk about below.

proverbs about birds

The Amazing Language of Metaphors

Quite often proverbs and sayings about birdsThey are trying to convey to their audience a certain hidden meaning. It can be a friendly advice, a lesson or lesson hidden behind a beautiful metaphorical image. At the same time, such a message can affect both ordinary topics and high moral principles.

For example, here are the following proverbs and proverbs about birds:

  • "Birds do not praise birds for their feathers and wings."
  • "In his nest and dove, the crow raises the eye."
  • "Every kulik his swamp mastak praise."
  • "A good bird in its nest is always skilled."
  • "Alone, even the goose of the field will not melt away."
  • "To a bad person even a dove does not fly."

Proverbs about birds, built on observation

The Slavs loved nature and watched it.Over the years, it has borne fruit - they have learned to understand the world around them. Our ancestors knew that, despite all the whims, nature adheres to certain laws. For example, if we talk about the world of birds, then the return of ducks to home said that soon will come the long-awaited warmth.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many proverbs about birds are a reflection of observations of wildlife. For example:

  • "Swans fly to the snow, and geese to the rain."
  • "Even a small bird in its nest is brave."
  • "How high the crane does not fly, but it does not fly away from the water".
  • "Swallows fly low - to be the rain."
  • "The hawk catches prey, but the kite takes it away."

proverbs and sayings about birds


And yet most proverbs and sayingsbuilt on the principle of comparison. That is, certain human traits are compared with their analogies in the feathered kingdom. This way of presenting information allows you to pay attention to certain moral and spiritual problems that often arise in people. A striking proof of this can serve as the following proverbs about birds:

  • "Birds are important wings, and man - mind."
  • "The Hawk is recognized by flight, and the Dodger by walk."
  • "The bird is deceived with sweet food, and the person with sweet speeches."
  • "Even a sparrow does not walk all his life in feathers alone."
  • "It looks like a noble eagle, and mind - like a forest grouse."
  • "Though the breast is swan, and the pace of the peacock."