/ How to spend a birthday in McDonalds?

How to spend a birthday in McDonald's?

Our children love bright colors, fun, sweets andBalloons. All these things are indispensable attributes of any holiday. Especially they are often used when organizing a children's birthday. And if some moms are able to independently think over such a holiday to the smallest detail, organize an entertainment program, prepare a treat and decorate the house, then what should parents do to prevent such a minimum program from being employed, dislike of cooking or any other reasons? After all, their children just want a holiday. For such parents, the birthday in McDonald's will be a salvation.

birthday in McDonald's


This network of fast food cafe appeared in ourthe country back in the late 1980s, and since then has firmly maintained popularity among toddlers. In part, this is facilitated by not very useful, but very attractive and tasty food. Partly - the corporate spirit of this cafe, thanks to which any birthday in McDonald's is a good and bright holiday by the efforts of sympathetic staff. In any case, for those who want to celebrate a children's holiday without the use of special efforts, this option will be the most optimal.

What does it take to celebrate a birthday in McDonald's?

celebrate a birthday in McDonald's
To begin with - be a child and tune in topositive. Parents should advance in advance to the cafe where the event will be held and book a place. In McDonald's, there is usually a special table, fenced off by a glass partition, which is designed to celebrate birthdays. It is also better to discuss in advance the number of guests and approximately plan the soy order. This will help avoid long idle waiting in queues, which in this cafe is always there. In addition, the staff will be able to prepare at the right time the entire amount of food, so that small guests do not have to wait.

What is the best thing to order for a birthday in McDonald's?

It's better if food for children is not the most harmful.So choose not too many sandwiches. Better dilute the order with salads. But always keep your favorite French fries in the menu - it is convenient for children, and as a garnish for the same chicken or fish nuggets, it will be welcome. And, without a doubt, you should order ice cream and milk necks. If the children are going to be very small, it is better to avoid the brand beverages of this cafe and replace the cola, phantom and sprite with juices, tea or mineral water.

photo birthday in makdonalds
Distinctive feature

What is remarkable about this cafe is the attitude toto small birthday people and their guests. The employees of the hall will gladly give each kid a balloon, will include cheerful holiday songs, make a photo. Birthday in McDonald's thanks to such small, but pleasant signs of attention, becomes a truly memorable event for the child.

So if you are not afraid of such "harmful" food, andAlso, do not be ardent anti-globalist, then at least once in your life, arrange a similar holiday for your child. Birthday in McDonald's certainly will forever remain in his memory as a happy and joyful day.