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Is work allowed in McDonald's from the age of 16?

Many teenagers are interested in the age at which work is allowed in McDonald's: from the age of 16 or at another age.

What does the law say?

work in McDonald's from the age of 16

In each state there are certainlegislative acts that regulate labor relations of citizens. In our country this is the Labor Code. It has a separate chapter No. 11, which deals with the issues of concluding any employment contracts. Those who are interested in whether work in "McDonald's" is allowed from the age of 16, it is necessary to read article 63 carefully. She will give an exhaustive information about this. It specifically states that for citizens of Russia any work activity (including work at McDonald's) is allowed from the age of 16. This limit can be lowered for a year if the person is still being trained (not fully) within the general education program. In the event that one of the parents agrees, then teenagers can work from the age of fourteen without interruption of their studies and causing any harm to their health. But there are also cases when, for example, in the field of art (circus, theater or cinema), it is simply necessary to involve very young children. Then, with the permission of the guardianship authorities, the contract is signed by the child's parents or guardians. But if a teenager is interested in exactly work at McDonald's, from the age of 16 he can afford it.

Who to be?

work in McDonald's since 16 years of work

What is the easiest way to officiallyearn your own money for a teenager? It's a job at McDonald's. With 16 years of vacancies, of course, not everyone will be available. Naturally, the employer will not take the child to the position of accountant. But there are duties that at this age a person can safely perform. For example, the preparation of food in the kitchen, the maintenance of visitors, as well as maintenance in the order of the premises and the adjacent territory. Here everything depends on the interests and abilities of the child. If he likes to do something with his own hands, then working in the kitchen to give him real pleasure. And those who love live communication, can work well with customers. In this case, the law establishes small restrictions:

  • the duration of the working shift should not exceed the established standard;
  • work should not be associated with hazardous or harmful working conditions;
  • a teenager can not hold a position that provides for the signing of an agreement on liability.

Otherwise, the law does not prohibit young people from realizing themselves.

Work in the capital

work in McDonald's from 16 years old Moscow

In thirty-seven cities of the Russian Federationwishing to work in "McDonalds" from the age of 16. Moscow in this matter is no exception. After all, in 1990 the first cafe of this network was opened. Why do young people go to work in the public catering sector? The answer to this question is, oddly enough, in the payment of labor. From year to year, the statistical service and public activists carefully study the level of wages of different sections of the population. Currently, the situation in the capital looks like this, that the least of all, not counting retirees, is precisely the employees of McDonald's. They earn a month on average about 45 thousand rubles. If this is an acceptable amount for the Russian countryside, then for the Muscovites - the poverty level. Of course, in order to earn big money, one must have a higher education and a minimum work experience. In extreme cases, a rare or demanded profession. A fry semi-finished products and remove from the table - this is usually the lot of retirees, adolescents and students of junior courses.

Opinions from

work in McDonald's from 16 years reviews

For many young people the beginning of the labor pathwas working in "McDonald's" since 16 years. The testimonies of those who experienced it on themselves, sometimes differ markedly. Someone thinks that 150 rubles per hour is not worthy of receiving, for such money you should not waste your free time. But teenagers go to work in order to become independent and get financial independence. And 25 000-30 000 per month for the student is a good support. In addition, some of the children are forced to work because of a lack of money in the family or to pay for their own education. You can not choose here. And education at this age does not give an opportunity to claim a high position. Of course, if we are talking about an adult person, then such work, for example, will not allow to support the family. If a schoolboy or a student does not like such a salary, then he does not really need money, he can easily reconcile himself to his position. For the rest of the door, McDonald's is always open.