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Eternal recipe: herring under the fur coat

Paraphrasing the great Russian classic, NicholasVasilievich Gogol, I want to say: "What Russian does not like herring under a fur coat!" Indeed, no feast, our traditional, can not do without the classic Olivier and herring under the fur coat. And the holiday does not seem festive, if on the table there is not a luxurious dish decorated with a flower from onions or apples, invitingly invitingly to taste it, melting in its depths tender taste and original combination of vegetables and herring.

I do not know who invented this dish, but it wasgreat person! Lettuce salad, the recipe of which is transmitted in the most natural way from generation to generation, is one of the main festive dishes. Why celebratory? Yes, because the preparation of this culinary masterpiece requires a lot of time. After all, it is not always possible to find a couple of extra hours on weekdays so that you can spend them on the seizure of large and small stones from the herring, which, in fact, requires a prescription. Herring under the fur coat perfectly combines the soft taste of boiled vegetables and the sharpness and piquancy of herring. Perhaps, this is the secret of the popularity of this dish: the combination of different tastes in one dish produces a surprisingly harmonious impression.

The recipe for a salad "Herring under a fur coat" can be severaldifferent in different versions of different housewives. But the basis of it always remains salted herring, boiled potatoes, beets, carrots. Well, and further - it's a flight of fantasy and a matter of taste, because everyone has his own view of this universal recipe. Herring under the fur coat is sometimes prepared with the addition of onions. But, before putting onions in this salad, it should be problanshirovat (scalded with boiling water) in order to leave the bitterness, and then sprinkle with lemon juice. After all, salted fish is perfectly combined with lemon, therefore, marinate the onion before adding to the salad.

Experiment with ingredients if this isallows a recipe. Herring under the fur coat just has to conduct creative research, so, once again intending to create a masterpiece, prepare for this sour apple. It will give the dish a piquancy and a subtle flavor of taste, you will be surprised how harmoniously the usual apple can fit into this salad.

Some mistresses believe that herring under the fur coatnecessarily requires the presence of a finely chopped pickled cucumber. And, if during the tasting, a small piece of crispy cucumber gets on the tooth, it produces a furor! So, stock up and quality salty (not pickled) cucumbers, since this requires a prescription. Herring under the fur coat is especially good for those who know how to shred fine, because large pieces of vegetables or herring spoil the impression of a salad.

If you want, you can use a largegrater, and then, starting to spread layer by layer the ingredients for salad, you just rub over the dish in which you are going to serve herring under a fur coat, cooked vegetables. The exception, of course, is the onion and herring: they must be finely chopped into cubes.

So, all the preparatory work is done, the herring is finely chopped, the vegetables are cooked and brushed, we begin the assembly.

Suck on the bottom of the salad bowl of boiled potatoes,then lay the onion, followed by a layer of herring, then rub the apple, then the beets, and finally the carrots. If you still have all the ingredients for the salad, put it again, in the same manner, into a salad bowl. Do not forget to cover every layer with mayonnaise, this is an indispensable condition for the juiciness of the dish. Do not overdo it with mayonnaise, so that its pronounced taste does not hamper the taste of the main dish. And if you perform a feat, and cook instead of shop-mayonnaise homemade, or make a tasty dressing from lemon juice, olive oil, egg yolks and spices, then prices will not be your gold pens that work wonders!