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Tilapia fillet in the oven: universal cooking recipes

Any fish will be delicious if cooked inoven and the original recipe. In the article we offer a number of such options from tilapia, sea language, pink salmon, which the hostess can cook.

Fillet of tilapia in the oven with onions can be madevery fast. It is necessary to lay whole fish plates in a mold. Now in the saucepan fry the circles of onions, lay them on the fish and pour a mixture of mayonnaise and milk. Sprinkle the whole dish with ground pepper, bake the fish for about forty minutes. A great side dish will be mashed potatoes with butter.

Fillet of tilapia in the oven in French excellentis suitable for quickly making a main dish on a festive table. You need fish carcasses to roll in flour, fry until golden and put on a baking sheet. Now you need to lay a layer of circles of onions and grease with mayonnaise, then slices of tomatoes, sprinkle with grated finely parmesan. The entire surface must be densely lubricated with mayonnaise. Put the pan in the oven and cook for about thirty minutes.

Rolls are a unique holiday recipefrom tilapia. For their preparation necessarily fry the mushrooms (champignons) and finely chopped onion. After the mixture has cooled slightly, it is necessary to add a boiled egg and a variety of herbs. Mix everything and add grated finely parmesan. It is desirable to pepper a little and add salt. Now each fillet is cut into two parts along. For each put a little mixture, curled roll and punctured with toothpicks. Each roll falls in flour, then in a mixture of milk and eggs, and in the end - in breadcrumbs. Now fry the resulting dish to make the fish golden. The fillet of tilapia in the oven must "reach" for ten minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees.

Very tasty and incredibly fast you cancook the fillet of tilapia in the oven with vegetables. Raw fillet cut into portions, cover with a mixture of pepper, salt. Lay out on greased with foil, hoping that each bag will later become batch. While tilapia is marinated, mugs of onions are fried, tomato slices, straws of Bulgarian pepper and finely grated carrots are added to the pan. Vegetables need to be filled with crushed garlic, ground pepper and salt. Now distribute the entire dressing on the foil pouches, greasing the surface with mayonnaise. This dish should be baked for no more than forty minutes, but at a temperature of 190 degrees.

Winning and hearty dish on the dining tablewill fillet of sea language in the oven, if you serve it in sour cream. For its preparation fish carcasses it is desirable to cut into portions, roll in flour and fry until a characteristic golden color appears in the saucepan, which can be placed in the oven. Pour all the sour cream, pepper, salt, and pour a layer of grated parmesan. After that, immediately put the dish in the oven, which bake the fish no more than fifteen minutes. The most optimal side dish will be mashed potatoes.

On the festive table you can cook filletspink salmon in the oven under a vegetable coat. The fish is cut into large, portioned portions of the same size. Each piece is crumbled in flour, fried a little to make a crust. At this time, make a vegetable coat as follows. Half-rings of onions and fried large carrots to fry until ready. At the very end, add pepper, crushed garlic and salt. Now put a dough bowl on the baking sheet, top the fish in one layer, which is carefully and very thickly greased with mayonnaise. Put the vegetable coat on. Bake in the oven for no more than twenty minutes. Serve the dish only hot to boiled rice.

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