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What does the kitten dream about: dream book

Probably, it is difficult to find a person who wouldindifferent to small, fluffy, purring kittens, when you look at which you involuntarily begin to feel a feeling of affection. And what if these sweet creatures dream about us? We propose to seek the interpretation of such a dream at once to a few dream books.

kitten dream interpretation

What does the kitten dream about: a dream book by Gustav Miller

If my dear fluffy kitten had a dreamrepresentative of the fair sex, then she runs the risk of getting into a deftly placed trap. However, due to her common sense and judiciousness, the dreamer will be able to get out of the trap with minimal losses. If the kittens in the dream have a dirty and morbid appearance, then the dreamer can be misled, which will lead to unfavorable consequences. A dream in which snakes hunt for kittens, predicts that your enemies are in an attempt to harm you, but in the end they will only harm themselves.

Modern dream book: see the kittens in a dream

According to the interpretation of this source,The dreaming kittens symbolize the coming series of minor troubles, which, however, cause great irritation. If in a dream you kill a kitten, then the bad luck belt will end soon.

dreaming kitty on the hands

Dream kitten: dream for lovers

Dreams of the fairer whitea fluffy kitten can serve as a warning about the threat of deception on the part of a woman not indifferent to your lover. Try not to succumb to provocation and in actions be guided only by common sense. In general, the kittens in the dream promise lovers quarrels and quarrels.

A large dream book: a kitten on his hands - what's it dreaming about?

According to this source, the dream in which you hold a tiny kitten in your hands promises numerous breaks in the relationship, as a result of which you will feel very lonely.

What does the kitten dream about? Dream of Old England

dream dream to see kittens in a dream

If you dreamed that you were playing with a kitten, andhe bitten and scratched you, then a dream warns that your future partner will turn out to be a very uncomfortable, petty and quarrelsome person. If you bond your relationship by marriage, in the future, most likely, you will regret the deed and with longing to remember the bachelor life.

Dream kitten: dream for the whole family

According to the compilers of this dream book, a dream,in which the kittens are featured, says that soon in the life of the dreamer will appear a female person who will have a weighty influence on his fate.

Universal dream book: what does the kitten look like?

This dream book states that an important role indreaming is the color of a kitten. So, if you dreamed of a kitten in black, then in the near future you will expect various pleasant surprises. And the more kittens of this color are, the more will be the grounds for joy. Red cat promises to make a profit, white - to receive pleasant news or some unexpected, but positive, turn of fate. Kittens of the same color do not promise anything special, predicting the dreamer only ordinary household chores and cares.