/ / Head of Sales Department: duties and requirements for him

Head of sales department: duties and requirements for him

Head of Sales Department
The head of the sales department is a special position.On the one hand, it is already the highest managerial staff and quite a prestigious place. On the other hand, many workers perceive it as a kind of springboard for reaching career "ladies".

Head of Sales Department - position,implying rather high levels of authority and workload. The person is responsible for the work and indicators of the whole department, on his shoulders lies the creation and maintenance of the conditions for the effective work of the team. The duties of the sales manager include the development of a strategy: direct participation in meetings, planning, decisions to reduce or expand staff, marketing activities and much more.

Personal and professional qualities

Naturally, not everyone isprofessional and personal development will be able to occupy this position. Along with the makings of a diplomat and respectful attitude to his subordinates, the head of the sales department should not be deprived of business acumen and the necessary rigidity regarding his position and decisions. For a leader, high indicators and requirements are primarily required for oneself.

Do not forget about the so-calledcorporate responsibility. A person without a correct social position, not aware of the consequences of his own actions for the society, is undesirable in this position. The actions of such people cast a shadow on the company, harm its image and media image.

 job description of the head of the sales department

Job description of the head of the sales departmentis not unified. It is individual for every sphere of business. The duties of the chief of the sales department largely depend on the structure of the enterprise. An exemplary list of tasks that determine its competence, looks like this:

  • negotiations with potential dealers or buyers;
  • drawing up a plan for the month / quarter / year for purchases and sales;
  • distribution of workload and responsibilities for middle managers;
  • organization and appointment of marketing research;
  • work with independent research centers;
  • supervising advertising policies and the state of public relations;
  • implementation of contractual policies;
  • development of the bases of cooperation with other companies and companies rendering services to the enterprise;
  • participation in the development of programs to encourage and stimulate employees of its department.

Interaction with management

The sales department will always bestructure of a commercial enterprise. The viability of this or that project depends entirely on his work, that is why close interaction with the top management of the enterprise (CEO, board of directors) is part of the work of the head of the sales department.

In the framework of this interaction, it is necessary:

  • make proposals for improving the work of its department and the company as a whole;
  • report on identified shortcomings, violations in the work of his and other departments;
  • receive and give explanations;
  • request and provide accounting and other related activities documents;
  • other.

duties of the head of sales department

Прежде всего, начальник отдела продаж должен быть maximally self-motivated. Of course, nobody canceled the minimal plan, but this position assumes constant dynamics, increase in intensity and volumes. After all, the next step is the management of the whole enterprise.