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Chevrolet Tahoe - owner reviews and review of the new 2014 model range of SUVs

In the autumn of last year the American concern"General Motors" presented to the public several new full-size off-road vehicles, among them GMC "Yukon", its modification "XL", as well as "Chevrolet Tahoe" and "Suburban". At the presentation, the manufacturer's representative noted that the entire model range of SUVs received a different interior design, a more modern design and a new line of power units. This article we would like to devote to a review of the Chevrolet Tahoe model.

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New Chevrolet Tahoe 2014 - photo and design overview

The fourth generation of SUVs has clearly acquiredEuropean features. The former American aggressiveness and impressiveness has become much less. However, the novelty has not lost its huge dimensions. It is the overall dimensions of the body that make the Chevrolet Tahoe American in a formidable and severe way. The shape of the car was radically redesigned. Changed the arrangement and design of the headlights, fog lamps, changed the front and rear bumper and much more. Separate attention deserves a new chrome grille, which smoothly flows to the twin headlights of the head light. By the way, the fact that the new "Chevrolet Tahoe" (reviews of owners of the third generation of off-road vehicles, too, note this fact) 4 identical lights and the same number of placed turn signals. These are not miracles created with the help of "Photoshop", but reality. So the manufacturer, probably, decided to attract the attention of buyers, adding to its off-road vehicle individual characteristics. But whether it will work, whether it will beat records of sales or not, we will find out very soon. In the meantime, let's carefully consider the salon of the new Chevrolet Tahoe.

Owners reviews about the interior of the cabin

Motorists have always noted the availability of ChevroletTahoe large and spacious salon. This year, the American manufacturer did not depart from the tradition. The new model has a more spacious interior, decorated according to modern interior trends.

Chevrolet tacho with a run
The model was additionally equipped with electronics.Among the innovations worth noting is the new steering wheel, a large 8-inch liquid crystal display on-board computer and a modernized instrument panel. It is not clear, however, the logic of the arrangement of the instrument scales on the panel board. Previously, the shield "Chevrolet Tahoe" was not overloaded with various arrows. There are as many as 8 on the new panel! It is not known why it was necessary to modernize it so much, especially since a large multifunctional onboard computer is located nearby, and another electronic display is located centrally between the speedometer and the tachometer. It seems that, by equipping the new instrument panel, the manufacturers have clearly overdone it.

"Chevrolet Tahoe" - reviews of owners about technical characteristics

Under the hood of the novelty the new eight-cylinderThe petrol engine capacity in 355 horsepowers, with working volume in 5,3 liters. Previously, Chevrolet Tahoe was also not "weak." However, the engine of the new model received an additional 35 horsepower (last year's model was equipped with a 320-strong unit).

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"Chevrolet Tahoe" - reviews of owners about the cost

Unfortunately, the price of the car is 2 million 285 thousandrubles, it will still be unavailable for ordinary Russians. However, if you have at least one million rubles in the secondary market, you can buy a completely normal Chevrolet Tahoe SUV with a mileage of 100-110 thousand kilometers at the age of 5-6 years.