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Why can not the lymph nodes be massaged? The subtleties of the massage

Anyone, not even the most experienced massage therapist,he who has received a professional education will tell his patient that massage of the lymph nodes cannot be performed. But to explain from a scientific point of view why the lymph nodes can not be massaged, not everyone can. Let's try to find the answer to this question, so as not to become a victim of the charlatans, who claim that they have discovered a new kind of impact on the body.

why lymph nodes cannot be massaged

What is lymph, its main functions

The internal environment of the person consists ofvarious connective tissues. One of them is a viscous liquid that has no color. This tissue is called lymph. It is not directly responsible for the work of individual organs or their systems, but takes part in the work of the whole organism. The main function of the liquid substance is the return of proteins, salts, water and metabolic compounds from the tissues to the bloodstream. In total, the body of an adult almost 2 liters of lymph.

What is a lymph node?

The current of lymph occurs in a special open system that complements the cardiovascular. The fluid in the lymphatic vessels and capillaries moves slowly, because the pressure in the system is small.

One of the important organs of this system arehuman lymph nodes. They are located along the lymphatic current. The lymph flow is directed upwards. Fluid flow through the system is due to the contraction of the surrounding muscle tissue. In the lymphatic ducts are valves that do not allow the reverse movement of fluid. The main functions of the lymph nodes - creating a barrier and maintaining immunity.

lymph node function

Lymph nodes may be round,oval and sometimes ribbon-like. Some nodes look like a small bean. Lymph brings foreign antigens to this organ, and the lymph node forms an immune response that protects the body and prevents the spread of infection. Dimensions of lymph nodes range from 0.5 to 50 mm. They are located in bunches of several pieces.

The details of the massage

So why can't the lymph nodes be massaged?Massage involves a rather deep impact on the fabric. The masseur rubs, presses, beats and twists the skin. Lymph nodes consist of fragile connective tissue that is not designed for active exposure. Under the pressure of the masseur’s hands, the microcirculation inside the knot is broken, the ducts are damaged.

Another answer to the question of whylymph nodes can not be massaged, it may sound like this: massage increases the pressure inside the node, and the lymph starts to circulate faster. But she does not have time to cleanse and begins to spread pathogens throughout the body at an accelerated pace. Thus, an attempt to recuperate with the help of a massage suffers a complete failure, because it turns out the other way around, it can be triggered by increased disease.

human lymph nodes

Еще одна опасность, подстерегающая человека во The time of a non-professional massage is a surge of autoimmune response. It also answers the question of why the lymph nodes can not be massaged. How does this phenomenon manifest itself? Due to damage to the lymph node, due to exposure to it, there is a source of liquid lymph in the surrounding tissue. At this point, lymphocytes enter the work, taking the tissues of the organs for hostile structures, which leads to edema and impaired functioning of the affected organs. The immune system includes a protective function and begins to destroy and destroy its own lymphocytes, which did not have time to fully ripen. This leads to more inflammation and damage to the lymphatic structure, which, in turn, disrupts metabolic processes in the body.

Draw conclusions

So, we found out that the lymph node isa small cleansing station in the human body, in the service of which consists a large army of lymphocytes, extracting all the "dirt". Everyone should know that the lymph nodes can not only be massaged, but also heated or rubbed, so as not to harm the delicate organ. Take care of your body, do not provoke a violation of its functions with careless actions.

lymph node size

If there are problems with the lymph nodes (theyincreased and there are pain), contact your doctor for help, as the causes of inflammatory processes may be different and difficult to establish yourself.