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How is massage done with osteochondrosis

By the number of sick leave cardsnot only acute respiratory diseases, but also osteochondrosis are in the lead. This disease can affect even young people, lasts a long time and is prone to exacerbations. With osteochondrosis of the cervical region, pain occurs in different areas of the shoulder girdle. Headaches and dizziness are common. According to medical statistics, women are more likely than men to have osteochondrosis. But in men, there are often exacerbations, complications that require surgical intervention.

Massage with osteochondrosis is successfully used intherapy of any kind of this disease. It helps to accelerate blood and lymph flow, relieves pain, improves recovery of the spine. Massage can also be used as a preventive measure to prevent the onset of this disease.

It is recommended to make the first sessions sparing,so as not to provoke excessive muscle tension, which, with an energetic technique of receptions, can lead to additional pain sensations. Massage in the osteochondrosis of the cervical region is best done in a prone position, but if desired, you can perform massaging and sitting. The most important condition for successful procedure is the maximum relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck of the patient.

To begin massage at an osteochondrosis it is necessary from a back.First spend stroking, then squeezing and kneading. Each reception is repeated 3-4 times. Particular attention should be given to the upper back in the area of ​​the scapula. Here, stroking is done 6-7 times from the bottom of the scapula to the neck, alternately from both sides. After that, begin to massage forearms, if the patient is sitting, you can also do stroking, squeezing and kneading large pectoral muscles (on each side 5 times).

If you perform this treatment procedure with the aim ofdefeat cervical osteochondrosis, massage continues massaging the pectoral muscles with the same movements. Then all attention is switched to the neck area. Strokes, conducted along the direction of hair growth from the head down to the back, are conducted 8-10 times. If such movement does not cause pain, then do squeezing movements along the lines on the back and side of the neck. After that, the entire back is stroked and the upper part of the shoulders is squeezed out.

Massage with osteochondrosis will not be effective withoutcomplete rubbing of the spinal column. Rubbing should be carried out by rectilinear movements with the help of pads of four fingers, covering the area including the occipital bone to the back and coming as close as possible to the spinous processes (up to 5 times). They also make circular movements with the pads of one or more fingers.

When rubbing the vertebral column of the neck muscleshould be extremely relaxed, and the head is tilted forward. Due to this massaging will better feel the processes of the vertebrae and will be able to better feel them.

As a rule, after 6-8 massage sessions, painsubsides. In this case, you can carefully turn your neck in different directions during the massage. If the pain occurs in the shoulder joint or shoulder, these areas are massaged after careful treatment of the neck and shoulder pads. The final part of the procedure includes a general massage of the neck, back, and shoulders and complete the massage with a gentle stroking.

After the pain in the spine has decreased,the massage technique is changing. The number of stroking movements should be reduced, and the number of squeezing, kneading and rubbing should be increased. Trimming is the main method of the last sessions. The duration of the first procedures should be 5-7 minutes, and the duration of the subsequent procedures increases to 12 minutes.