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Lymphatic Drain Massage In Home Conditions

So that you always have a good emotional andphysical well-being, you need a completely healthy circulatory system and good lymphatic drainage. Therefore, if you combine lymphatic drainage massage at home with exercise and healthy nutrition, this will be the most effective stimulation of blood and lymph flow in your body.

Lymphatic drainage massage at homeIt is produced as an integral part of anti-cellulite massage, with its help a more even distribution of fluid throughout the body is ensured. At the same time, puffiness goes away, and the outlines of the figure become more “honed”. The very procedure of such a massage consists in performing slow wavy strokes towards the center of the body with varying degrees of pressure and also rubbing and patting.

Although it is desirable that such a massage procedureperformed by an experienced specialist, but you can achieve a good effect even if you regularly perform lymphatic drainage massage at home. At home for such a massage, you can use either essential oils or special anti-cellulite massage creams, which will warm up the skin perfectly and help enhance the effect of the massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed as follows.in a way. Sitting on a chair, put another chair in front of you and, putting one foot on it, make light strokes from the ankle to the back of the knee. This procedure helps to improve blood circulation in the legs and foot. Then with two hands, clasping the ankle, swipe upward with pressure on the calf. This entire procedure must be done several times, first with one leg, then with the other. This procedure is very helpful in preventing ankle edema.

To make lymphatic drainage massage of the hips,rub with cream or a specially prepared mixture of oils into the skin, then alternately with both hands, massage the outer side of the thigh. Then chop with a palm, vigorously slap and pound the thighs, it tones up the skin in this area, revitalizes blood circulation and stimulates blood flow. The next step is to massage the hips with the edges of two palms alternately.

If you have cold feet and hands, thenneed to do a massage for them. To do this, a simple but energetic rubbing is enough, such rubbing causes a rush of blood to the extremities. To improve the skin on the face and smooth out wrinkles, lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the face.

Well helps lymphatic drainage massage at homeconditions for varicose veins, as with varicose veins, there is a delay in lymphatic drainage in the legs. It also helps well the venous outflow. It is not necessary to massage the leg directly in the area of ​​the varicose vein, but stroking light movements from the bottom up to the side of the legs and away from the damaged areas are quite possible.

Excellent tool for carryinganti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage at home is natural honey. It perfectly absorbs toxins and helps their removal from the body. The skin from it is smoothed, it becomes elastic, compaction under the skin dissolves faster. It improves the overall condition of the body. The course of massage with the use of honey is designed for 12-15 sessions and should be held every other day.

Honey is very good to use in combination withvarious aromatic oils. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas of the body: abdomen, thighs and forearms. Next, perform the clapping with the palm in order: clap - pressing - tearing. Such a massage is especially recommended for women after pregnancy, it, together with physical exertion, gives an excellent drainage effect and removes flabbiness of the skin. During the massage, you will notice that the honey begins to darken and roll, and the hand is increasingly sticking to the body. It is necessary to continue until all the honey "gathers".