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At what time can I repair the apartment in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation?

Everyone living in an apartment buildinghouse, must know the main provisions of the law on silence. It consists in making repairs, playing musical instruments or performing other noisy actions only at specified time intervals. Otherwise, the rights of other tenants will be violated. Therefore, it is necessary to understand at what time it is possible to do repairs, what are the consequences of the violation of the law, and also how to bring to justice neighbors who constantly make noise at night.

General moments

Any complicated repair affecting differentThe surface of the living quarters is necessarily accompanied by noisy works. Normally, you do not need to spend too much time on this process, but there are certain restrictions on the time when you can do repairs.

Initially, it is necessary to understand what works are considered noisy. These include:

  • demolition of walls in whole or in part;
  • forming a stunt using a perforator or a similar tool that emits a strong noise during operation;
  • installation of a variety of plasterboard structures;
  • laying a rough screed, after which installation of different floor coverings will be carried out.

In fact, not all repair work is accompanied by a strong noise, so if these processes are planned, it is important to determine at what time it is possible to make noisy repairs.

If you want to paint the walls, wallpaper wallpaper orlay the laminate, then this process can be performed even at night, since there is no such noise that would exceed the established norms. If it is necessary to make shtroby or demolish walls, then the requirements and norms of legislation regarding this process should be taken into account.

how long can you do the repairs

Legislative regulation

Initially, it is necessary to find out what is indicated inlegislation. There are certain federal requirements relating to the time at which repairs can be made with the execution of noisy processes. In addition, regional authorities can make their own changes to these acts. Most often, the authorities reduce the period of time during which these actions are allowed.

When examining legislative acts relevant to this issue, the following provisions are taken into account:

  • in the requirements of SES it is stated that it is not allowedproduce any work in which the noise exceeds the specified maximum limit, represented by 45 decibels, this condition being applied to any region of the country;
  • the LC lists all the rights of a person who is engaged in repair work, so it is not permissible for neighbors to be obstructed if they do not violate their rights and legal requirements;
  • ФЗ№52 establishes, at what time it is possible to do repairs in the apartment, if it is accompanied by the appearance of strong noise, and also lists the possibilities at which the degree of sound can increase;
  • PP # 354 and PP No.58 contain volume limits that can not be exceeded if replanning or restoration of the living quarters is carried out;
  • The Civil Code contains the main measures of responsibility for the violations identified.

Thus, before starting a noisywork in the house, you should make sure that the chosen time is optimal for these purposes. Otherwise, neighbors can call the police, so the violator will be brought to administrative responsibility.

what time it is possible to do repairs in an apartment

Time frame

To comply with the law of silence requires a goodto understand when it is allowed to perform various noisy work. At what time can I repair the house? The answer to this question depends on the region of residence of the citizen. This is due to the fact that municipal authorities can set their own time frame.

As an example, Moscow can be cited.In the capital is not allowed to make noise in the interval between 23 and 7 hours. This time is considered to be night time. How long can I do the repairs? Quiet work can be performed even at night. If it is necessary to shrobit or destroy the walls, then this process is allowed only from 7 am.

How much time can you repair? Different noisy processes in the capital are allowed to be performed up to 23 hours. If the work continues, the neighbors have the right to call a police squad.

Other Features

In addition, there are limitations on the duration of the repair process. It is not allowed to last more than three months during the day.

The legislation has certain information about when it is possible to do repairs. This includes specific generally accepted requirements:

  • it is desirable to perform various noisy work between 9 and 19 hours;
  • certainly you need to take a break at lunch time, so you need to suspend work from 13 to 15 hours.

In other regions, such requirements may vary significantly. Therefore, in order to find out at what time it is possible to do repairs in an apartment, it is recommended to consult local regulations.

For example, there are slightly different norms in the MoD than directly in the capital. Therefore, the main rules are:

  • noise during repair work orother actions can be performed only up to 21 hours, and this process is allowed from 8 am, but such requirements are imposed only on everyday days;
  • if you want to engage in noisy processes on weekends or holidays, then the process is allowed only from 10 to 22 hours.

There are already data on what is plannedmaking changes in the legislation as to when it is possible to make repairs at home. Therefore, it is planned that the available hours will be significantly shortened. This is due to the fact that the administration of the capital and other cities regularly receive complaints that norms or time periods are exceeded when neighbors are repairing.

with how much time can I make repairs

What actions can not be performed at night?

You should know which processes can not be performed at night. These include actions classified as noisy:

  • repair and loading processes, if they lead to the fact that in the entrance or apartment apartment noise norms are exceeded;
  • you can not watch loudly the TV, listen to radio or music on special devices;
  • not allowed to use pyrotechnics, but the exception is New Year's Eve;
  • The overall noise should not be too loud, but this includes moving furniture, talking on high tones, whistling or screaming.

If the neighbors fix these violations, they can call the police to obtain a protocol on the basis of which they can file a lawsuit against the violators.

When can the law be violated?

There are exceptions in which you can break the law on silence. These include:

  • citizens are required to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of their homes as a result of various natural disasters or emergency situations;
  • suppression of possible crimes, therefore, if the machine was opened by thieves, then the operating alarm system is not a violation;
  • holding different cultural events during the holidays.

Thus, every person should know, inwhat time it is possible to do repairs, and whether his case is suitable for exceptions, so as not to cause discomfort to his neighbors. This can not only lead to serious disagreements, but also to bring to administrative responsibility.

what time it is possible to make repairs at home

What is the acceptable noise level?

The process of measuring the noise level is performed indecibels. Often, citizens complain that their neighbors are too loud at night. In this case, they often turn to the Rospotrebnadzor for help. Workers of this institution can make noise measurements to document violations by citizens.

Therefore, people need to know not only what time of day it is possible to do repairs, but also what noise levels are acceptable. These include:

  • in the daytime noise should not exceed 55 decibels;
  • At night, this figure should be within 45 decibels.

Often citizens complain about crying little oneschildren, and by measurements such sound usually reaches 78 decibels. But for such a violation, parents are not held accountable, as children are crying for natural reasons for one year, so it is not possible to punish them in any way.

Where can not I make noisy work?

It is important to understand where people should observe the silence in the terms established by law. To such premises and places are:

  • apartments and common areas, located in high-rise buildings;
  • The land that is located next to the apartment buildings, this includes playgrounds for playing sports or playing children, as well as parking spaces and driveways;
  • Territories belonging to orchards or summer cottages;
  • public places, which include kindergartens, schools or clinics, motels and other similar institutions.

When in a private house doing repairs, at what timecan you make noise? If such noisy work does not cause discomfort to neighbors, then you can perform the process at any time. The owner of the facility will not be held accountable, as it does not violate the rights of any citizens.

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Terms of repair in different regions

Each region establishes its own rules regarding noise. At what time of day you can do repairs, you can find out directly from the local administration or when studying local acts.

Although municipal authorities may contributecertain adjustments, they are almost the same standardly, therefore, usually, it is not allowed to make noise on weekdays from 8 to 22, and on weekends from 9 to 21 The main features of the bills in different regions and cities:

  • in St. Petersburg, it is prohibited to stomp too much at night;
  • in Samara, the noise includes barking or howling of dogs, as well as too loud quarrels between residents of one apartment;
  • in Arkhangelsk, an amendment was introduced, on the basis of which it was not allowed that at night the neighbors were prevented from sleeping by various sounds made by pets;
  • in Buryatia, the use of automotive light signals is prohibited at night.

Especially distinguished Moscow.At what time can you make repairs in the capital? The process can be performed immediately from 7 am, and you can stop noisy work at 23 o'clock. Therefore, it is important to first carefully study local legislation to avoid liability.

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What is the punishment for violators?

Different measures are taken against violatorsadministrative punishment, since each region can be assigned its own methods of bringing to justice. Standardly, fines are used for this, and their size depends on the status of the offender:

  • Physical persons pay a fine in the amount of 500 rubles. up to 1 thousand rubles;
  • officials will be forced to pay 1.5 thousand rubles, and 10 thousand rubles will be assigned for repeated violation;
  • firms will have to transfer from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, and in the absence of a response from the company, its activities may be suspended for up to three months.

Therefore, before starting any noisy work in the apartment, you should make sure whether you can make repairs at lunchtime or late in the evening.

A penalty is charged only if a violation is detecteda police officer. If, after bringing a citizen to administrative responsibility, he still violates the law, then the amount of fines will increase.

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What to do if a neighbor roars constantly at night?

Often, citizens are faced with the fact thatNeighbors perform repair work at the wrong time. This is especially true of new buildings, when people try to call in new apartments as soon as possible, therefore they are quickly carrying out repairs.

Under these conditions, sequential actions are performed:

  1. Initially, it is recommended to try to resolve the issue in a peaceful way, for which you should contact the neighbor directly and ask him to stop violating the requirements of the law.
  2. It is advisable to immediately inform the offender at what time he is allowed by law to make noise in his apartment.
  3. If this method of solving the problem did not bring the desired results, then the violation should be recorded, for which you can call the police, the district police officer, as well as employees of the Rospotrebnadzor or SES.
  4. Often the work is done by hiredspecialists who do not have the necessary permits for this process, so this information may affect the neighbors so that they observe silence in due time.
  5. Even if the pressure from the district is notit helps, because the neighbors quietly pay fines and continue to make noise, the only way out is to go to court, but for this you need to collect evidence presented by papers from different inspection authorities and protocols from the district police officer.
  6. At every noisy action, you must call the police to collect as many protocols as possible, as well as put pressure on the neighbors.

The court usually, on the basis of Art.293 GK, a warning is issued to violators, and if they continue to make noise at night, then a decision on the forced eviction of citizens may be taken at all. Their apartment is sold at auction, and the amount received from this, minus the legal costs, is transferred to the former owner of the property. Such a decision is cardinal, but it can be made if the plaintiff has an extensive evidence base. It is considered to be the most relevant to file collective complaints by several neighbors. But in most cases such violations are rare.


So all people planningthe implementation of repairs in his apartment, must first know when it is possible and impossible to make noise. This is due to the fact that if the rights of neighbors are violated, they can apply to various government agencies to bring the citizen to justice.

If you comply with all legal requirements,it can be quickly and easily perform repairs. At the same time, good relations with neighbors will be maintained. If there is no opportunity to independently engage in the process at the time allowed, then it is advisable to hire a brigade that will work during the day. Due to this, all actions in the apartment will be carried out promptly, and significant fines for violations will not have to be paid.