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Russian press: standards and regulations

Russian press, regulations and rules of which wereformulated in 2000, has become an independent sport. Although more recently it was just a power exercise that was performed in training. The first competitions in this sport were held in May 2000.

What is the Russian press?

This raising of the rod in a maximum lying positionnumber of times without using special equipment. Participants are divided into age groups, this determines the weight of the raised bar in competitions called "Russian Press". The regulations regulate weight lifting from 55 to 150 kg. Women can take part in competitions.

Russian regulations

Russian Press: Competitions

Organizers of competitions can choose several variants of carrying out of competitions.

"Baker's dozen".All athletes in turn perform three campaigns to weight. Weight is chosen by them independently. As a result, at least 8 and no more than 13 repetitions are included in the credit. In addition, all participants have the right to change the weight of the bar in each next approach, both in the large and in the smaller direction. As a result of the competition, the coefficient of athleticism is calculated. Summarizes the tonnage, raised in all three approaches, and is divided by the weight of the participant in the competition. If as a result there are two athletes with the same coefficient, then the winner is the one who managed to raise more weight.

"Classic Russian press".Each participant has one campaign where he must make as many as possible lifts of the bar of a certain weight. Nomination he chooses independently. Counts at least 8 repetitions.

"The life marathon".Three approaches to a certain weight must be fulfilled by all athletes, they choose the weight themselves. In each approach, no less than 8 repetitions are counted. At the end of the competition, the coefficient of athleticism is calculated, as in The Devil's Dozen.

Russian bench press

English press: specifications

The CCM title is given in oblast and citycompetitions. The title of MC can only be obtained at the national championships, but on the condition that there are at least two qualified judges among the judges. MSMK is obtained only at international competitions. Below are the standards adopted since January 1, 2013.

Weight of the rod (kg)IMSMMSCCM1st category2nd category3 rd category1 junior category2 junior category3 junior category

Russian bench press, the norms of which periodicallyvary, however, as in any sport, it has become very popular, since for the classes there is no need for any equipment, the competitions are very spectacular, there are no age restrictions, and no heavy lifting is required at the limit of their capabilities.