/ / Arrogance is what? How is pride manifested?

Arrogance is what? How is pride manifested?

arrogance is
The Bible teaches us that arrogance is a sin.It is definitely one of the lowest-lying human vices. Many intelligent people believe that it is the cause of the formation of other sins, because they are all the result of the conviction of a man of his importance.

Of course, every individual is an inimitable creature of his own, he has a unique soul and body, the second such on the planet does not exist. And this is for no one a secret, but a well-known fact.

Who is especially prone to pride?

However, awareness of one's own uniqueness canentail a dangerous belief in its exclusivity. The risk group includes people who are actually endowed with talents and opportunities that somehow distinguish them from the crowd. They are artists, artists, musicians, public figures. However, even people who clearly can not be called talented, make every effort to prove that they are also special. Everyone wants at least some points to surpass others. And if people recognize the exclusivity of a person, then the "important bird" rushes upward from the sky to watch the gray mass concentrated somewhere below. It's so nice. Arrogance, arrogance - that's what is in the soul of such a person.

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The reverse side of greatness

However, the further the bird takes off, the worse andmore painful than her fall. Usually a person is cured of arrogance when humiliated. Greatness has the opposite side - it's an insult, banishment, painful thoughts about its imperfection, longing, loneliness.

What is the purpose of man?

The individual is just a small speck of dust,lost in infinity, a temporary guest who came to Earth to fulfill his destiny. What is it? Who can give an exact answer? Most of the opinions agree that he was here to know himself, to find his own path, to understand the purpose of his stay on the planet. And arrogance is clearly not what will help him on his life path.

Talents are good

To stand out from the gray mass is good. It's also good to have your own opinion, be original, have impressive abilities.

The individual will begin to degrade, if notstrive for self-improvement and nurture talents in oneself. In addition, a person needs praise, he needs positive feedback about his own person - so it will be easier for him to move along the path prepared for him by providence. And not always from this develops arrogance, the synonyms of which are pride and arrogance.

What kind of person can be called a harmonious person?

arrogance of synonyms

Everyone has talents, evenrather modest. It is only necessary to understand one's purpose and try to develop one's abilities in order to rise to a high level, the presence on which will help to experience the splendor and harmony of life. When an individual discovers his path and walks along it, he does not seek fame and public approval, he just likes to feel involved in a magnificent process of his cultivation, similar to a blessing from above. In fact, he does not try to artificially exalt himself and humiliate other people. He is a harmonious person, he is happy because he has found his place in life. Pride and arrogance are not about him.

Pride and pride

And yet you can see a thin line separatingpride in their own achievements, awareness of their successes and abilities, and arrogance, which makes us theatrically bully nose and makes us pompous turkeys.

For what reason do crowds of peopleall kinds of talent contests? And sometimes they want absolutely mediocre personality. It's just that they want to become famous and win universal recognition by going about their arrogance.

Character traits testifying to the presence of pride

Гордыня присутствует у тех, кто излишне обидчив и inclined to take everything personally, in addition, overly sensitive people are subject to this sin, as well as those who are usually called perfectionists. Also, this defect is observed in those who can not stand the upstarts and loves power, is too squeamish and principled. This may seem strange, but if you think about pride, it becomes clear that all human qualities that manifest themselves too vividly indicate arrogance. Sometimes it is just necessary to notice such features in time in order to eliminate them. After all, arrogance is a disgusting vice.

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Typical pompous turkey tactics

Arrogance slowly kills the one whounconsciously convinced that he cannot allow anyone to do something as he wishes. Some people who are prone to touchy, often puffed up their cheeks, if someone did not speak the way they expected, or did, in their opinion, wrong. If you think about it, it's ridiculous and even funny. A person wants to punish those around him with an insult so that they understand what kind of insult they have inflicted on him. After all, it is impossible to do this to him, because he is a very important expert and expert in the relationship between people. And in fact, it turns out that he is an ordinary pompous turkey. Arrogance is something that often makes it ridiculous and absurd in the eyes of others.