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The series "Lucifer". Actors and roles

Angel Lucifer (translated "light-bearer"), the mostbeautiful of all, was perfect in everything ... But he was tormented by pride and thought that he was worthy of a higher angelic rank. He wanted to be above God himself, who created him, have power and subordinates, take the throne of the Most High, therefore he ordered the angels to recognize his rule. For such an act Heavenly Father expelled him and his newfound followers from paradise.

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This is an ancient legend, after which the series "Lucifer" was shot. Actors who have played in this project, have expanded their filmography with roles that attracted the attention of millions of fans.

The plot of the series

The King of Hell decides to afford a little rest on Earth and goes to Los Angeles. In the guise of a man, the Devil gets a job as a manager in an elite nightclub with a symbolic name Lux, where he spends time for drinking in the company of charming visitors of the institution. Rapid fun is interrupted by the murder of his good friend.

During the investigation, Lucifer meets ChloeDecker is a detective at a local police station. In the girl he was attracted by an interesting feature - it is not affected by his devilish charm. In a magical way, Lucifer becomes Chloe's helper, which she is not particularly happy about. Because of the lack of master in hell, chaos is beginning to happen, which brings him big troubles.


Actors in the series "Lucifer" are selected under their ownthe characters are perfect. And in this we should pay tribute to the professional approach of the casting group. Charismatic Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar, perfectly got used to the role of the powerful and charming King of Hell. The actor is also known for his roles in the series "Miranda" and "Once in a fairy tale."

tom ellis

The Devil's partner, detective Chloe Decker, was played by a wonderful Lauren German. Lucifer, according to the director, had to deal with the heroine of Lena Esko, originally approved for this role.

Rachel Harris played Linda, the psychologist of Lucifer. Secondary characters were embodied by talented actors:

  • The role of Amenadiel (the angel who flew to Lucifer to talk about chaos in Hell) was performed by DB Woodside - a popular American actor.
  • In the series "Lucifer" the former wife of Chloe was played by N. Gonzales, but soon his place was taken by Kevin Alejandro.
  • The role of Charlotte Richards (the wife of God and mother of Lucifer) was performed by Tricia Helfer.

Actors of the series "Lucifer" have accounts in social networks, where fans watch their behind-the-scenes and personal life.

About the show

"Lucifer" - a series shot in the genre of comedydrama. The premiere took place in January 2016. At the moment, the television screens went 2 seasons, in 2017-2018. announced the shooting of the third. The plot is created on the basis of the comic book series "Sand Man", although the main character of the film is absolutely different from the drawn character.

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According to legends and stories, Lucifer is greedy,A selfish tempter who tempts people to do evil. But in the series the character looks absolutely different. This is a positive hero who never lies and tries to do the right things. Do not you think that the title of the film slightly does not match the protagonist? Perhaps it would be better: "Lucifer. The path to perfection "? So it sounds much more truthful, because the essence of the series is that even the most spooky and vicious King of Hell can experience human feelings. And who, if not to him, knows what pride, envy, anger, revenge and ... love is.