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Adwords Google: setting up contextual advertising

One of the most effective modern methodsTo promote your business on the Internet is the use of contextual advertising. These are specially marked ads that the user sees when he enters a search query into the Google line, "Yandex" and any other search engine. Therefore, the main advantage of such messages is their targeting. A person sees an advertisement on an interesting topic, which means that it is very likely to visit this target resource. What are the advantages of this approach and how should the contextual advertising in Google Adwords be set up so that it brings the maximum attendance to the site?

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Advantages of contextual advertising

In addition to the exact address message, contextual advertising has several undeniable advantages:

  • it is noticeable and captures the user's attention from the first seconds after it receives search results, so it 100% ensures coverage of the target audience;
  • It is much more economical than printed, TV andradio advertising, because you pay only for clicks (transitions) of users, and not for the whole show, and therefore, minimize the costs for those people who are not interested in your ad;
  • such advertising is operative, it is launched during the day and is also quickly adjusted;
  • Google has a huge audience, which certainly will increase the number of visits to your site;
  • The effectiveness of such placement is easy to track with the help of Google Adwords, the configuration of which will be presented below.

As for this particular search engine, Googleyou can even choose what you would like to pay for - views, clicks or conversion (i.e. those users who have performed some action other than viewing - put the goods in the shopping cart, went through the registration, bought something, etc., P.).

setting up contextual advertising in google adwords

If these benefits have convinced you, you canstart the first step of creating contextual advertising. In general, all work is conditionally divided into the preparatory stage (selection of key and negative keywords, creation of the text of the announcement and visualization to it) and implementation, i.e. placement of Adwords Google ads, setting up, choosing the budget, etc.

Step One - Keyword Selection

To find keywords - those for whichthe user will be able to find your ad, you need to use a special scheduler. You can find it in the settings of Google Adwords. In order to pick up the "keys", it is not necessary to puzzle over how a potential buyer could search for a particular product. It is enough to enter a name and see what variations, according to statistics, are most often of interest to users. For example, at the key request "children's products" are also looking for "children's toys," "stroller's shop," "children's world." The closer the keys are to what you offer, the more likely you are to get your buyer.

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Step two - selection of negative keywords

Setting up advertising in Google Adwords will offer youAlso, specify negative keywords, that is, those for which users should not find your ad, so you do not have to pay for non-targeted conversions. They are on the same principle as the key. For example, if you have a children's goods store in Kemerovo, the query "children's toys" suits you, "children's toys to buy Moscow" - no, so one of your negative words will be "Moscow". As a rule, not only geographical criteria are excluded. This can be an assortment that you do not trade (for example, strollers or children's bicycles), combinations "with delivery", "cashless settlement" and much more.

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Step Three - Choose a Budget

Once the words for the ad are defined andit is composed, you can go to the important parameters of its placement. To do this, go to Google Adwords, the "Campaigns" setting, the "Bids and Budget" tab. Here, we'll determine the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) and the expected number of impressions that will generate your advertising budget. Here we will choose what we want to pay for - views, clicks or conversion, and we'll specify the type of advertising campaign, i.e., where it will be displayed - in the search or the contextual media environment.

Introducing an ad

It is important that at any time you can change the text and bids for the ad. After all, regularly analyzing the statistics, you will determine for yourself what works best for you.

A huge advantage for successful ads withThe point of view of CTR is the possible cost reduction on the part of Google. What does this mean? The fact is that "Google" is profitable to post those ads that are in high demand. Therefore, the higher the number of conversions in relation to impressions, the higher your bid, which means that the higher the position of the advertisement on the page and below its price.

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Step Four - Geographic Settings

As mentioned above, exclude the geographicalbelonging can be with the help of negative keywords. However, of course, to exclude all the cities that are not suitable for you is rather difficult. To do this, it is easier to set up the region or city in which you are to work in the settings, and in search you will be in priority among users from this area. Of course, if this setting is in the Google Adwords franchise company, it is better to choose a more extensive territory, for example the CIS countries, especially if you have many branches and representative offices.

Other settings

So, what else does Google Adwords offer?Tuning has another interesting feature. In the announcement in addition to the link to the resource, contact telephones and addresses can be present. You can specify a few refinements, such as "discounts" or "free shipping". If you have a fairly wide range with several product groups, you can specify categories in the ad.

Be sure to set the beginning and end of the contextual advertising displays.

Конечно, отдельное место занимает само рекламное the announcement, because on how it will present the resource and how interested the user, will largely depend on the success of the advertising campaign in general. It can be an interesting title or a bright, eye-catching image, and perhaps an interesting proposal for the buyer.

If you doubt your own abilities,that you can create a high-quality ad, you may be interested in setting up advertising in Google Adwords for Justclick. What it is? This is a simple and effective system that helps you create pages for online stores, customize advertising, mailing system, monitor and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, including those that you will customize in Google Adwords.