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Efficiency of contextual advertising is the key to your well-being

To date, it is not enough just to have a good knowledge of SEO-optimization of sites: the arsenal of a successful Internet-businessman now includes skills in

Effectiveness of contextual advertising
Contextual and media advertising. Today we will consider the effectiveness of contextual advertising, on which depends its success, resources that can help in the promotion of sites.

Effective contextual advertising

KR - placement of an advertisement of an advertising nature,based on the content and target audience of a particular page on the Internet. Advertising must match the content of the page. There is a special system for contextual advertising, which analyzes pages on the network to select an ideal ad for them.

In other words, the CD is advertising in the context of the reader's hobbies, responding to his dreams and desires. Based on this, this type of ads is divided into two groups:

  • Search advertising.
  • Context-sensitive advertising.

Search contextual advertising. Efficiency

This type of ad is one of the mostpopular: you see them every time you ask a question in the search engine runet, and along with the response to the query on the page, ads appear on a similar topic.

Effective contextual advertising
Ad units under the search field look likenaturally and attractively, take the dominant position and only after the block of announcements the answers to your request follow. You understand how much promotion of goods and services can be more effective if you advertise correctly, like Google or Yandex.

Effectiveness of contextual advertising

How should the block with the announcement look to attract the maximum number of target audience?

  • The text of your ad should beattractive from the headline and up to the body itself. The more serious the company that makes the announcement, the less slang words such as "grandmother", "green" and so on should be found in the text. If the target audience of the ad is young, then the effectiveness of contextual advertising will depend on the use of such words.
  • The construction of the list of ads depends on the cost of one transition.
  • Use in the ad text keywords,popular in the search engines. Here it is necessary to pay attention to correctly selected stop words. When creating the text, the system itself tells you which word combination will have the greatest success with your target audience.

Ideally composed text will only be shownthose users who are really interested in it and, as the experienced PR experts say, the effectiveness of contextual advertising is not to successfully compose a competent advertisement, but not to let it appear in the eyes of those people who do not need this offer.

Context advertisement efficiency
Analyzing your ads on specific inventory

Today we will consider one of the services thatare engaged in the fact that they check the effectiveness of contextual advertising: Advse.ru. This resource helps inexperienced PR people see the shortcomings of the content they create, and correct them in time. Remember that the purpose of advertising on the Internet is to make a profit and improve your standard of living, rather than letting money go.

Advse server.ru acts in this way: the example of competitors and yours is taken, comparative analysis is carried out, and you make your own adjustments. If you have absolutely no experience in creating such ads, then this resource will help to bring it to an ideal state, and the positive effect is guaranteed to you.