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How to take revenge on a friend in a humane way?

how to take revenge on a friend
Your friend annoyed you? Betrayed or took the guy away? Then you must know how to take revenge on a friend, so that she becomes ill!

And now go down to earth and calm youranger. Do you know what revenge is? And the point is not in the concept itself, but in perception. If a person has hurt you, then, having taken revenge, you will rise to its level. You will descend to the lowest life-line, where there are hypocritical, rude and evil people. And if you believe in God, then you can not count on his favor. Despite this, do you still want to know how to avenge your girlfriend? We will tell you several humane ways that do not harm much, but will help you to get moral satisfaction.

  1. If you are studying with a friend in the same class, then put a fat sandwich in her briefcase. Let it then restore the damaged notebooks.

  2. Tell the teacher that she saw her friend smoking. Parent calls are secured.

  3. Another option, how to take revenge on a friend - to let the class hear that she

    how to avenge your friend for betraying
    deals with bad things, for example, contacts unknown boys.

Remember that such revenge threatens a strong scandal with parents. Your foe will continue to live very hard.

If you crossed the threshold into adulthood,then revenge must be appropriate. For example, came to her e-mail a powerful virus, which will disable the computer. You can send her a box with a "surprise", in which put rotten flowers or fruits.

If your girlfriend has a boyfriend, then you canseduce him and send a photo to her on the phone where you are together. Or take a picture of the intimate parts of his body and from another number came MMC-message. This is the best way how to avenge your friend for betrayal.

But you know what is the best revenge for a man,who hurt you? Become happy! Put in the social network the corresponding status, a new photo, where you smile. Believe me, your enemy will not bear it.

how to take revenge on your best friend
You pretend that her action has not affected your life in any way, and you did not pay attention to him at all. The girlfriend will be very disappointed that her actions were unsuccessful.

If a friend betrayed you, then forgive her.Do not let her into your life, part with her, but do not keep evil. It will make things easier for you. Have pity on a man who has fallen to betrayal, because such people rarely become happy. Do not think how to take revenge on a friend, but try to change your life in order to forget the betrayal and insult.

Communicate with another contingent of people, trustonly the chosen ones and just be happy that your girlfriend, whom you thought was close, showed her true face in time. After all, she could do it later, at the most inopportune moment, when you would need her help and support. Think about it, maybe this is where you hurt her, and she wondered how to get revenge on her best friend. Perhaps it was you who initiated the conflict and the war. In any case, put on this point and do not get hung up. In life there is too much of everything good to spend it on selfish ends. You're above this, right?