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Dating site "Darling". Dating site Darling.ru (eDarling)

So, now we have to learn thatis a dating site "Darling". Reviews about him recently have become more and more fill the expanses of the World Wide Web, and they are all quite ambiguous. That is, you can not just take and understand with what we are actually going to deal. Let's try to make a comparative analysis of all the opinions that we could meet, and then make a logical conclusion about whether it is worth using the dating site "Darling.ru" or not.

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Why virtual communication?

But first we will have to find out whyvirtual dating is now popular. Only then it will be possible to talk about services that can be useful in this difficult matter. Let's start with you as soon as possible.

The thing is that modern people are independencies on computers. And this technique makes life much easier. In addition, at personal meetings, guys and girls can not communicate, but in a virtual world without ceremony. In other words, the Internet helps to remove complexes and get to know each other more closely. Then the dating site "Darling.ru" comes to the aid. Well, or any other services with exactly the same purpose.

In truth, most of the society nowtries to get acquainted in social networks. But they do not give us complete and necessary information, for example, the purpose of acquaintance. But specialized sites are very strong emphasis on this item. So let's try to find out what the Darling dating site is. Feedback about it will also come in handy.

A bit of history

How was this service created?To be honest, it appeared in 2008. And they founded it in a German company called Affinitas GmbH. Since then, the project began to live and prosper, but initially it was only German.

In 2009, "Darling" was launched in Austria,Switzerland, France, Spain, a year later - in Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands. And only in 20011 this project reached Russia. And since then the dating site "Darling" reviews are received from all sides, and at the very beginning they were all exceptionally positive. And this fact can not but rejoice.

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In 2012, this service received the Runet Awardfor the number of registered and active users. True, this resource reached the US only in 2015. And he was immediately recognized as one of the best dating sites. But is it really so? Let's try to understand.

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We'll start from the very beginning, that is, from registration.Dating site "Darling" reviews in this regard are questionable. The positive side is free. A negative - the length of registration. It would seem that nothing difficult is here: fill out a small questionnaire, enter your data, upload a photo - and all problems are solved. But in fact everything turns out a little differently.

For example, users emphasize that foryou will have to go through a detailed survey. It consists of 283 questions. And they are supposedly helping to determine what kind of person you are. This, in turn, turns out to be a filter for finding new acquaintances and even love. On the one hand, it is normal. But on the other - too much time can be required to fill.

"E-Darling" (dating site) reviews, as it was alreadynoticed, gets not as good as we would like. On the one hand, you can skip the filling of a long questionnaire. But in return you will not be able to use most of the features of the service. And you have to fill out the questionnaire completely at another time. Typically, the registration takes about an hour.

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Further, for any Internet service design is important.If it's ugly, then it's unlikely that users will stay with the site for a long time. It's better to find something nice and similar. So this moment has to pay close attention. And the appearance of the page can often tell us whether or not there is a good site in front of us. Maybe we are dealing with scam somehow!

In this sense, dating site EDarling reviewsreceives positive. The design is made with Japanese minimalism and German practicality. So to speak, no frills. Thus, it causes trust among users. In addition, you can not call the site's appearance template. So it's certainly not a fraud before us. In any case, this is the opinion of most users around the world. And Russia is no exception.

The site itself is made in red and white.All this looks very beautiful and unforgettable. And you can not find any similar pages on the Internet. If you rely on trust in the design of the site, you can trust him. But do not rush to register. There are still a lot of different things that should be taken into account before deciding to create a questionnaire.

Lecture hall

Gets dating site EDarling reviews andrelative to such an item as the number of registered users. As already mentioned, here the service was even awarded the Runet Prize. This is a very great service. Especially for a new dating site.

Darling Dating Site Reviews

In other words, there are a lot of visitors here, andthey are all different. But, as a rule, the main audience is young people between the ages of 14 and 30. Older users can be found, but not so many. And mostly it's bachelors or divorced people. Not a particularly pleasant moment when you are trying to find your love with the help of the Internet.

To be honest, by the many promises ofsite is really a lot of good people and, in addition, cute, not just "matryoshkas" or "gopnik", but normal users. So you will always have someone to talk with. A detailed questionnaire can help you find someone who suits you as a partner the most. You can register on this service. This is what most users think. But some points have not yet been taken into account. Perhaps they will be able to change your opinion.

Data Security

Dating Edarling reviews get more forsafety and security of your data. The point is that this service uses not manual, but manual checking of photos, documents and messages. This means that all data is published based on a set of rules of ethics on the World Wide Web.

What does this give?Security, integrity and security of your files, as well as protection from spam and other dangers in the network. In addition, the service actively searches for scammers and quickly blocks them. According to many users, you do not have to worry about that your data will be stolen or damaged. "Darling" is equipped with the best system of protection.

dating edarling reviews

In addition, manual verification of text and photosallows you to impose censorship on documents. So there is no debauchery and lust here. It's quite a decent site, on which you can find friends and even love. Just what many users are looking for. No maniacs, perverts and other slippery personalities. And it can not but rejoice.

Support Work

Dating "EDarling" reviews are pretty goodreceive more and for the support service. To be honest, this is the point that is extremely important. He is able to prove the plausibility and good intentions of the service even to the biggest skeptic.

To be honest, our today's dating siteeven was once awarded a premium for a fast and quality support service. Experienced consultants at any time will be able to answer your question, and also will be able to help solve the impending problem on you. This work can not boast of every Internet resource. Just what the users need so much.

However, there is one nuance.If you are blocked, then the answer will have to wait a long time. Typically, locking occurs only for very important reasons, which the user knows and without any help. Nevertheless, you will still be answered, only in the order of the queue. First, they will give answers to important questions of "live" users, and then they will take up for blocked or for violators of rules.


"Darling" (dating site) reviews getsgood and for the fact that this resource is now actively advertised on the Internet, and in many countries. But in Russia advertising is shown even on TV. To be honest, this gives rise to confidence from the audience. Is it really going to spread lies, deception and scam all over the place?

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If you pay attention to advertising, you canto conclude that this service was created specifically to search for the other halves. Not just friends, but love. And it is this moment is very pleased users. They leave very good reviews about this site. On the one hand, this is correct. But on the other - the service has some points that should cause you doubts about the good faith of the site. But to notice them, you will have to read the user agreement completely and with special care.

Harsh reality

After you go through the registration, immediatelyyou will understand where from the Internet so many negative reviews about the "Darling", especially regarding deception and scam. Let's try to understand what's the matter.

Dating "Darling" reviews get horrible alreadyat least for the fact that most of the actions on the site (more precisely, almost all) are paid. You can only contact the support service for free. And to look through profiles, write to new people, get acquainted and look at photos - all for money. You will only need to buy a Premium account. The longer it is, the more favorable the price. And then there is one point. When registering, you will need to specify your phone number or bank card number. If you do not refuse to provide "Premium" for 2 weeks after registration, it will appear automatically. And your money will start to disappear. Disconnect the service will then be almost impossible. Here is such a small trick that calls into question the conscientiousness of the whole resource.

e Darling Dating Site Reviews


So, today we with you have learned, that representsa dating site "Darling.ru." As you can see, it is better to shy away from this resource. This is what Russian users advise. They say that the site is a total deception that does not correspond to advertising and promises. Thus, try to be cautious with registering on the "Darling". And get ready for unpredictable write-off of funds from your phone or bank card.