/ How many hours a week? About the duration of the working week

How many hours a week? About the duration of the working week

All employees who care about observing their own rights in the workplace, you need to know how many hours a week the law provides for work.

The concept of working time

Workers call those intervals of time,during which the employee fulfills his duties established by the employment contract. It is the employer's responsibility to keep track of the time that has been worked out by each employee.

Start and end time of the working day, lunchand other breaks are set arbitrarily, but the total number of hours in a week that an employee spends in the workplace is regulated by labor law. The time that the worker spends on the road, to the worker does not apply.

In addition to actually worked out, the time of fulfilling a military duty, the duties of a jury or other actions provided for in the Labor Code refers to the worker.

How many hours a week?The correct answer to the question depends on what is meant. In the calendar week - 168, but how many hours in the working week? The answer to this question will differ depending on the category of the worker, because in addition to normal there are shortened and incomplete working modes.

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Normal work week

The maximum number of hours a week thatThe employer can establish for subordinates, is 40 hours. This duration of the working week is called normal and extends to the majority of workers. Neither the form of ownership of an employer nor its legal status can be the reason for changing this rule. Type of employment (permanent, temporary work) also does not matter.

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At the same time, the law provides for overtime work, which is calculated in the number of hours worked in excess of the prescribed forty. For overtime, an employee must receive an increased payment.

If an employee is employed immediately in several enterprises, then employers are not liable for hours worked exceeding the bar of 40 hours, if within the enterprises themselves the norm is not violated.

For example, an employee Alexander works 40h per week in firm A, and 10 hours of work in firm B. In total, he works 50 hours every week, but within the framework of both enterprises his working time does not exceed 40 hours, therefore the 10 hours worked out from the top will not be considered as processing.

Another example: Elena works 45 hours in firm A, and works for 15 hours in firm B. At the first workplace she processes 5 hours, and on the second her working hours do not exceed the norm.

The working week can consist of 5 or 6 days, and a sliding mode is also allowed. In the final analysis, it matters only how many hours worked in the week.

The duration of the shortened week

For minors, disabled people and someOther categories of employees are provided with a reduced schedule. In this case, minors receive payment in accordance with the output, and other categories of workers - full rate.

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A shortened week can have different lengths depending on the age, employee's ability to work and working conditions:

  • 12 hours for students who are under 16;
  • 24 hours - for other persons who are not yet sixteen;
  • 17.5 hours for students who already have 16, but not yet 18;
  • 35 h - for disabled people (1 and 2 grams) and workers from 16 to 18 years old who do not study anywhere;
  • 36 hours - for teachers, teachers and those who work in harmful conditions;
  • 39 h - for doctors.

The shortened week differs from incomplete in that payment is charged as a full (except for employees who are not 18 years old). With a shortened week, the payment corresponds to the output.

Incomplete week

Incomplete time can be set for anyemployee by mutual agreement with the employer. But there are cases in which the employer can not refuse the employee in approving for him an incomplete time. Examples: an employee has a minor child, is himself a minor, cares for a sick relative. Obliged to meet and meet a pregnant woman.

You can negotiate for any amount of timewithin the framework of a standard week. Time can be reduced by reducing the number of working days, working hours for one day, or both.

Time worked over the established, will be considered as overtime work, even if the total number of hours did not exceed 40.

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How many hours work abroad

How many hours a week work for those whoofficially settled abroad? In the overwhelming number of countries, the amount of time devoted to work is comparable to that in Russia. The standard week ranges from 35 hours in England and France to 48 hours in Germany, Italy, Ireland and many other countries. The corresponding norms are detailed in the laws of each country.

But how many hours a week can you work without loss of performance? This question was once answered by Henry Ford: exactly 40 hours.