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Electroporation: reviews of cosmetologists and clients

Electroporation is the arrival and saturationactive substances of skin cells through electromagnetic waves. This is the name of one of the types of non-injection mesotherapy, aimed at eliminating stretch marks, cellulite, rejuvenating any areas of the skin and achieving elasticity of the lips.


In medicine, electroporation, reviews about whichhave recommended it as a quality, effective procedure, it is used more than 30 years. With its help, transdermal transfer of medicinal products to the human body is performed. For cosmetic purposes, thanks to electroporation, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and cosmetic cocktails are introduced into human cells that moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles and increase volume where necessary.

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The essence of electroporation is that the gel withbioregenerating or nutritional components is applied to the skin area with a small manipulative, which sends a slight vibration and electrical impulses to the treated surface.

Advantages of such impact:

  • blood circulation is restored;
  • tissue regeneration occurs;
  • the fibroblasts and macrophages that produce new collagen are resumed;
  • electroporation increases the range of drugs used, which allows to overcome a greater number of aesthetic problems;
  • skin is not exposed to needles - the procedure is easily tolerated by patients;
  • absence of possibility to catch an infection;
  • Through electrical impulses, cosmetic and medicinal products enter deeply into the layers of the tissue.


Electroporation is carried out when necessaryprevent baldness, prepare the skin for plastic surgery or maintain it after it. This procedure is necessary if the elasticity and elasticity of tissues is reduced, there is an excess of fat, swelling, cellulite, acne, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin pigmentation.

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Not everyone is allowed electroporation.Reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists say that if there are problems with health, then it is better to refrain from this procedure. There is a list of ailments and other circumstances in which electroporation is not worth doing. So, electroporation is prohibited, if there are:

  • the presence of pregnancy and the period of feeding the baby;
  • the presence of a pacemaker, a metal pin, a prosthesis, a phyler, gold threads;
  • suppurative inflammation;
  • mental disorders, epilepsy;
  • negative reaction of the body to galvanic current;
  • dermatitis, eczema, oncological diseases, fever, atherosclerosis, blood diseases, skin lesions.

Customer Testimonials

Oh, this unique electroporation!Comments on the conduct of this cosmetic procedure, its results and effectiveness are mostly positive. However, as with any goods or services, someone is satisfied and ready to repeat the procedure, and someone simply does not see the sense and proper action in it. In any case, the network can mostly find good feedback - the clients remain very satisfied with the procedure.

Owners of dry and thin skin in mostcases suffer from the appearance on the face of fine wrinkles. After they tried electroporation with the effect of moisturizing, the skin of their face literally after the first procedure became smooth, smooth and tender. In addition, as they themselves note, such a course on rejuvenating and restoring the skin is painless and sometimes even slightly pleasant.

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Users say that such acosmetic service, like the electroporation of a person, the reviews of which are not bad, is performed within 10 sessions, approximately 1 session per week. Some say that the cost of the procedure can not all be affordable, but it is worth the money, because after it the skin immediately becomes velvety, pigmented spots disappear and wrinkles are absorbed.

Many patients admire electroporation.Reviews about it have positive information, because after the course the skin tone improves, its condition and color improves. You can make electroporation even with cocktails intended for mesotherapy, only without injections. It is very convenient for those who are afraid of needles and injections. Users are advised to choose the right preparations for their skin type and its problems, consult with cosmetologists - only so it will turn out to be a good result.

Reviews of cosmetologists

Is electroporation so effective?Cosmetologists say that it creates only temporary effects of moisturizing, increasing the volume and smoothing wrinkles. This is because electroporation involves the introduction of low-molecular hyaluronic acid, in contrast to injectable mesotherapy.

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Most cosmetologists say that afterthe first procedure will immediately notice the result. Cosmetologists are advised to undergo a cycle of 10 sessions with 1 session per week. Correctly done procedure is painless and leaves no traces, except for slight reddening, which disappear in a day. The electroporation lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Upon completion of the passed course, the effect persists for six months, or even a year.

What do they say about the electroporation of the face?

Any undamaged skin of the face is carried outelectroporation. Customer testimonials indicate that this procedure does not require a lot of time, in addition, it fights well with acne, dilated contaminated pores, tightens and moisturizes the skin, making it more elastic, elastic, tender. Most often used drugs such as:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • X-ADN gel (restores the level of collagen);
  • DMAE solution (responsible for protection and humidification);
  • lipolytic (fat removal);
  • vitamin C, amino acids, elastin and other components.

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Many people like the electroporation of the face,that it does not require injections, does not leave edema and bruises. Before its beginning it is better to prepare a skin, te To make an ultrasonic peeling which will remove the died out epidermis.

Electroporation of the lips - is it worth doing?

Electroporation of the lips, the reviews are not saturatednegative, makes the lips more bulky, moisturized, plump; their contour becomes clearer, smoother, more beautiful, and the shade acquires a natural saturation.

During this procedure, the lips (with the help ofspecial apparatus) penetrates hyaluronic acid to a depth of 0.1-2 cm. This ensures an increase in hydration of the dermis, a rejuvenating effect and elimination of facial wrinkles. The effect of electroporation depends on how the drug was administered, how long it will function, and also on its chemical characteristics and the specificity of the organism.

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Electroporation with hyaluronic acid

The natural component of the skin ishyaluronic acid. It accumulates in the connective and epithelial tissues of a person and is responsible for the restoration, regeneration and elasticity of skin cells. Therefore, electroporation with hyaluronic acid is often used. Clients' reviews show that this component of the rejuvenating procedure does not cause allergic reactions and complications, and also stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, accelerates healing and stimulates skin regeneration processes.