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"Mesosculpt C 71": reviews of cosmetologists, features of application and efficiency

Beauty of face and body - that's what excites a woman inany age. But if up to thirty years, the natural mechanisms of the body easily protect you from the accumulation of fat, then with age, metabolic processes, lipolysis (fat splitting) slow down. Girls, even slender from nature and genetically, after twenty-five years can dramatically increase weight. As for the figure, fat tends to accumulate on the hips and around the waist to protect female reproductive organs from hypothermia.

Unpleasant metamorphosis also occurs with the face.After thirty years in the soft tissues can form unaesthetic deposits of fat under the skin. Over time, they will tend to go down under the influence of the laws of gravity, forming the so-called "flews" in the place of nasolabial folds, to facilitate the sagging of the cheeks, the skin on the neck, create the second chins.

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A woman can stay slim, but the face will beissue age and even unattractive to emphasize it. The solution can be the use of a special cosmetic product "Mesosculpt C 71". Reviews about this drug suggest that it is effective. We will study the mechanism of its influence, how it affects fatty deposits and struggles with them, and also what cosmetologists and clients of salons say about it.

What should be the face after thirty years

Nature is so arranged that up to a certainage, you can torture yourself with diets, recover and lose weight again, and this is all without noticeable harm to the appearance. In youth, the metabolism is very fast, the skin is easily contracted after stretching, without the formation of unaesthetic stretch marks, but under the influence of time, natural mechanisms slow down. This is due to the fact that nature is laid down so that the childbearing age of a woman is in the range of 18 to 30 years. But this is no reason to let nature take over your appearance. Just need to consider that diets, debilitating workouts can have excellent results for your figure, but negative for the face. Why is that?

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How beautiful is a face that is thin or childishly plump?

Fashion trends in make-up perfectly reflect what,that is considered beautiful in society. Fashionable in make-up sculpture, brightly drawn and sharp lines of the face begin to emerge from the trend of recent years. Such drawing graphical faces can be "created" by young girls, but after twenty sharp make-up is not recommended by beauticians, especially if such make-up is used for a more mature age. Conversely, cheeks-apples, a little puffy lips will give out youth, even if the owner of such appearance is well over thirty. Alas, the features of such a person are given from birth and are laid genetically, as, for example, a large chest or priest. But modern cosmetology makes it possible to make the face beautiful and young, no matter what you won in the genetic lottery.

One of the achievements of modern cosmetology -the preparation "Mesosculpt C 71". Reviews of cosmeticians about this tool are positive, because the mechanism of its work is understandable, logical and is absolutely harmless, which is important for any patient.

Do you need fat to be beautiful?

Modern girls are used to consider fat almostnot the main enemy of beauty, although this is not entirely true. First, fats differ in quality. Secondly, there are many folk sayings that men do not like bony, dried girls. Instead of torturing yourself in training, think about the fact that the presence of a small percentage of fat - from 15 to 20% of the total body mass - makes the girl figurey and attractive. Not an exception is the face.

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If there is no fat in the tissues of the epidermis, then this person will appear older by five to ten years. It turns out that fat is needed in the tissue, but a special property.

The difference between the preparations for fat burning in the face and the Mezosculpt C 71

Reviews of cosmetologists about this drugpositive, as well as the mechanism of its work. Most of the known drugs after the injection of subcutaneous injection kill all the fat cells responsible for local formations. "Mesosculpt" works quite differently, acting on three fronts - acceleration of lipolysis (splitting of fat cells), control of lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

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How is the drug used?

Cosmetologists use the "C 71 Mesosculpture" forcorrection of fat deposits in the second and lower third of the face as follows. After consultation with a cosmetologist, the drug is injected into the selected zones. In what quantities is the drug produced? These are glass ampoules with one milliliter of cosmetic Mezosculpt. Reviews of cosmetologists indicate that it is not recommended to enter more than 2 ml of funds at one time. The course of treatment can last from 3 to 5 weeks with the introduction of the drug once a week.

Who should not use the drug for correction?

Does it have any contra-indications "Mesosculpt C71 "? The patient's feedback indicates that there are no significant contraindications. However, it is not recommended to do injections if there is an exacerbation of the herpes virus or other inflammatory processes in the facial tissues (pustules, abscesses). There are no other contraindications. The procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, without the introduction of anesthetics, after which you can leave the cosmetologist's office and safely go home. In the first hours after the procedure, it is recommended to treat the injection site of the preparation "Mesosculpt C 71" with "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin".

How long does the recovery process take?

after the procedure?

Everyone cares about what the face looks like after the injectionpreparation "Mesosculpt C 71". Reviews of doctors and customers agree on the fact that the next day after visiting the beautician you can already show up in public, as there will be no effusion or bruising. As for the reaction in the first hours after the administration of the drug, it is possible for the redness and the feeling that the skin is as if heated up at the site of the injection. It is not recommended to sunbathe in the sun, visit the sauna or sauna in the next 10 days after the procedure.

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How fast to wait for results?

"Mesosculpt C 71" is nota panacea designed to make a fat face thin, but certainly effective in fighting age-related fat deposits on the face. But just get ready for the fact that one procedure for administering the drug will not be enough. Cosmetologists recommend to do from three to six procedures every week or two. A little later we will tell about the cost of injections in domestic cosmetology clinics.

Expensive pleasure

How much does one injection procedure cost?"Mesosculpt C 71"? Reviews - the price not least worries the average consumer services - they say that the cost varies from 12 to 14 thousand rubles, but, as they say, the drug tested, it is worth its money. Undoubtedly, after the first application of the miracle will not happen, but after the third course of injections, contours of the face are drawn, become clearly delineated, and local fat deposits are smoothed, especially in the chin and nasolabial folds.

Another advantage is the possibility of injectionspreparations of biorevitalization together with the use of "Mezosculpt C 71". Patients' feedback is positive regarding the simultaneous passage of two procedures at once. However, it should be noted that it is recommended to use only Meso-Xanthin or Meso-Wharton trade marks with "Mesosculptor", it was their joint action that was tested.

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What will happen to the person after the action of the drug?

It is not superfluous to think about the consequencesuse of the preparation "C71 Mesosculpt" for correction. Could it happen that after the disappearance of unnecessary fatty deposits the skin will hang and become worse than it was before injections? Since the composition of the drug includes a modeling complex (trace elements, peptides, hyaluronic acid), then with each injection will be provided skin lifting, its nutrition and hydration from the inside. Meanwhile, cosmetologists recommend nevertheless the passage of a course of biorevitalization for a greater effect.