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The preparation "Botulax": reviews of clients and cosmetologists

The injections of beauty today are one of the mostwidespread methods of combating wrinkles and other age-related changes on the face. Because of the hormonal changes before menopause, the skin begins to fade. We have to look for ways to solve this problem. With the help of aesthetic cosmetology, specialists successfully change the contour of the face for the better, tighten the skin without using plastic interventions. To deliver nutrients directly to the cells helps the Korean analogue of Botox - Botulax. Reviews about it suggest that it effectively smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and causes a noticeable lifting effect for a long time.

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In what form enters the market

In cosmetology practice, severaltypes of injecting equipment for women of age. On the Russian market with Botulaks we have known each other for a long time. It is produced by the South Korean firm Hugel Inc, and in Russia it is produced by the Martinex company. Do Korean injections of "Botulax" are inferior to European analogues? Experts say that with him beauticians achieve a delightful effect.

How to buy these beauty injections?In a pharmacy or a store, you can not buy the drug "Botulax." The clients' testimonies testify that they received it directly from cosmetologists. It looks like a white powder, placed in a glass vial. The capacity of each bottle can be 50, 100, 150, 200 units. Only bottles of 50 and 100 units fall into Russia. Many other similar products have the same composition of the Botulax powder. Reviews about it are mostly positive. The structure of these injections includes neurotoxin (natural), synthesized by the bacteria Clostridium botulium. Other auxiliary substances in its composition are sodium chloride and human serum albumin.

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Indications for use

To whom is the "Botulax" (Korea) intended.Reviews of cosmetologists prove its acceptability for both women and men, starting from 18 years. From this powder, a solution is made, which is administered intramuscularly. What kind of defects helps to eliminate "Botulax"? Clients' feedback brings the following message:

  • elimination of mimic wrinkles on the forehead, in the interbrother zone;
  • smoothing of the skin in the nasolabial fold;
  • correction of the asymmetry of the face that causes muscle contraction;
  • reduction of cervical wrinkles caused by increased muscle tone;
  • correction of the contours of the lips;
  • getting rid of "crow's feet", increasing the elasticity of the skin;
  • hyperhidrosis therapy under the arms, on the palms and feet.

The neurotoxin blocks the tension andmuscle spasms, the secretion of perspiration resulting from stress and anxiety decreases. The injections of Botulax can be supplemented by other cosmetic procedures. Mesotherapy, biorevitalization is easily combined with injections of Botulax (Korea). Reviews prove that it even more aligns the relief, refreshes the skin, moisturizes the face and gives it radiance. Sometimes with these injections combine plastic surgery or blepharoplasty.

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Safety of the drug

What are the botulinum neurotoxins?They are potent natural poisonous substances that can be beneficial for beauty. In order to reduce the single-dose medication, cosmetologists are advised to carry out the procedure in two stages. We can distinguish the following positive characteristics of these injections of beauty:

  • give a long-term therapeutic effect;
  • the possibility of selective adjustment, preserving natural facial expression and eliminating small wrinkles;
  • each lot of vials has a stable toxicity;
  • has a similar effect with the drug "Botox";
  • superbly carried by customers;
  • are recognized all over the world (produces 23 countries);
  • the manufacturer has high standards and enjoys credibility.

Restrictions on the use of "Botulax"

The Korean remedy has the same breeding scheme andapplication of the drug as Botox. To cosmeticians this simplifies the task in avoiding errors with dosage. Since the neurotoxins of the drug have a protein structure, it must be used carefully for people prone to allergies. Individual intolerance is the main limitation for the use of "Botulax". Also, this drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • pregnant women and mothers during breastfeeding;
  • people with inflammatory processes, complications of chronic and infectious diseases;
  • with inflammation in the areas of administration of the product, damage to the skin of the face;
  • at the stage of the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery (preferably in six months);
  • people who have problems with the nervous, endocrine systems in which the blood is poorly curled or there is strong myopia.

Special significant inconveniences and complications"Botulax" does not cause, but with incorrectly selected dosage or wrong choice of the point of administration of the drug, undesirable effects may occur. Here are some unpleasant symptoms that may appear in some patients:

  • painful and burning sensations in the first week in cases of frequent use of the remedy;
  • swelling of the upper eyelids, which quickly passes;
  • dizziness, migraine, stopping after a week.
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How is the procedure of introduction

Half a month before the introduction of Botulax, patientsstop taking any antibiotics and medications that dilute blood. It is forbidden in the preparatory period for smoking, drinking alcohol, visiting saunas and baths. The session itself is divided into the following stages:

  • cleanses the skin, diagnose the area of ​​administration and effects;
  • Anesthesia is carried out with the help of intramuscular injections or a special cream;
  • diluted powder and injected solution into insulin syringes;
  • The tool is inserted into the necessary zones and points;
  • the skin is treated, the patient is encouraged to work as a facial expression for a better divergence of the injections.

The whole process takes about an hour.At first, the work of the facial muscles decreases slightly, but after a few hours everything falls into place. Rapid recovery contributes to the popularity of such beauty injections, such as "Botulax." Patients after the procedure will not hesitate to follow the following tips:

  • Limit physical activity, less lean, exclude sports;
  • Do not lie face down or on your stomach;
  • limit the movement of facial expressions (do not move your eyebrows, do not screw up your eyes, follow the smile).
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The brightest effect is observed a week afterprocedures. Sometimes in half a month cosmetologists make a correction. The first result is shown up to 5 months. The effectiveness of the drug is very individual.

Reuse "Botulaxa" gives morelasting effect, sometimes lasts a whole year. Dependencies do not cause the tool, so the client can focus on the result. The approximate price for packaging "Botulaksa" (100 units) is 7000-8000 rubles. For one procedure, the whole bottle is not used, so the session will cost 400 rubles.

Popular analogs

The most popular among neurotoxinsfamous American development Botox. In second place is the French "Dysport". It is followed by funds from Germany and China - "Xeoming" and "Lantox." The native analogue of "Botulax" is "Relatox".

If you compare "Botulaks" with its counterparts, thenit is possible to note its painless and gentle occurrence. The coefficient of efficiency of the Korean facility is quite high, but it only lasts for a relatively short time. "Botulaks", like other analogues, can be used by patients of different age categories. Women under 40 years with good care, these injections perfectly clean wrinkles. In a more mature age, this procedure should be supplemented with mesotherapy and biorevitalization.

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Customer Reviews of Botulax

Information and feedback from patients about the Koreanthe drug is carefully examined, but they are not sufficient for a final evaluation of the properties and effectiveness of these injections. Clients say that in many respects the result of this rejuvenating procedure will depend on the specialist himself. Sometimes a person can become a weak link in the use of "Botulax". Facial health is a very important aspect for a woman, so you need to choose an experienced cosmetologist.

Most often to this Korean medicinepeople who want to save on the cost of the session and are ready for reasonable research. Conservative patients do not take risks and opt for better known rejuvenating injections. However, most of the clients satisfied the result with Botulaks, the facial expressions were preserved, there were no uncomfortable sensations and creases on the skin.

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Cosmetologists about the drug

Reviews of cosmetologists about "Botulax" are found aspositive, and negative. Negative opinion is most often formed as a result of improper selection of dosage, medical errors. Not enough cosmeticians work with this tool, so not everyone trusts him completely. Cosmetologists advise early to apply to this neurotoxin, then not to resort to radical measures. So, fifty-year-old women will need parallel procedures to enhance the effect.

On the positive side of Botulaks, it is officially registered in Russia. The cost of the drug is quite low.