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Do hair for short hair at home

In our time, many girls and womenprefer to have short hair, which is much easier to take care of. In order to look beautiful, almost all ladies turn to beauty salons, where they are made different styling. But it's quite easy to learn how to make hair for short hair. At home, you can perform an excellent styling for any occasion: at work, on a holiday or just for yourself. This girl will need a minimum amount of cosmetics and tools:

- hair spray;

- hair gel;

- mousse;

- comb;

- small hairpins (for owners of not very short haircuts).

hairstyles for short hair at home

A variety of hairstyles at home for short hair can be done by yourself. Let's consider some of them.

In order to look stylish and beautiful eachday, it is not necessary to visit a trendy salon. Enough in the mornings to give yourself a little time, and haircuts for short hair at home will not be a problem for you.

In order for the hair to look neat, you need to do simple actions:

Option 1

1. Comb the hair thoroughly and create a low side part.

2. If the length of your hair allows, twist the strands on small curlers.

3. After a while, curls to make out with your fingers and lay, using a hairdryer.

4. Lightly drizzle with hairspray.

Option 2

1. Hair is good to comb and wind on hot papillotki.

2. Spread the strands in random order.

3. In order for the hair to be perfect, separate strands should be emphasized with the help of wax.

hairstyles at home for short hair
For business meetings and visits to any event, you can make the following hairstyles for short hair at home:

Option 1

1. Comb your hair and put wax on it in the palms of your hands.

2. Then pry up the strands near the roots and gently tousle them.

Option 2

1. Apply gel on hair and comb them back.

2. Strands on the occipital part slightly to comb.

3. Using a hairdryer and a special round comb, bend the ends of the stitch.

Another version of the hairstyle for short hair at home for every day:

1. Each curl with a thin curling.

2. Lightly tousle hair and apply a small amount of styling.

styling short hair at home

As already mentioned, laying short hair inhome conditions - quite feasible for any woman task. In addition to the stylish look, you will get considerable savings on the services of a hairdresser. In order to lay the hair at home, have to pick up a special tool. If hair needs to be given volume, use mousse for hair. Apply a little bit of this agent on the strand and dry it well with a hairdryer. With the help of special gels, wax and hair creams, you can emphasize individual strands. In order for hair to look perfect, it is necessary to keep them clean and use the minimum amount of stowage. Also, to maintain healthy hair, you need proper nutrition and systematic intake of vitamin complexes.