/ The most fashionable hairstyle is a bow of hair. How to make a bow of hair

The most fashionable hairstyle is a bow of hair. How to make a bow of hair

Long since the main decoration of the girl is consideredhairstyle. And long, well-groomed hair has always attracted men's looks. But fashion is very changeable, and modern women, going to the cinema or meeting with a lover, involuntarily ask themselves - what hairstyles are now in vogue? Very popular in this season are the braids. At first glance, this is a fairly simple hairstyle. But it opens up tremendous opportunities for creativity. Today, there are many ways to weave braids. However, do not forget that the beauty and attractiveness of the hairdress is directly related to the complexity of the weaving (the harder it is, the more attractive and brighter the image). Many designers suggest adding oriental motifs to their hair, decorating them with large hairpins with decorative patterns. Collected in the tail or bundle hair also do not lose relevance.

But if you can walk around the city with hairto collect in a tail or a bunch, then for a solemn occasion something unusual and at the same time elegant is needed. For example, a bow of hair. This hairstyle will help make the image unique and vivid. However, few know how to make a bow of hair, and even more so how to make a bow of long hair. There are several ways. It all depends on which bow you need: on the vertex, closer to the nape, or shifted to one side. A bow can be made from all the hair, or from their part.

How to make a bow of hair. Method one

A bow can be made from a piece of hair.

How to make a bow of hair
It is done quite simply. Take two strands of hair on both sides of the head and make a tail out of them. At the ends of the hair do not get out of the gum. So we get a loop, which we divide in half.
How to make a bow of long hair
We give each of the loops a shape and fix itinvisible from above and below. So we get a bow. The remaining ends of the hair are lifted up, we pass under the bow and fix it with invisible ones. Hairstyle we fasten with a varnish.

How to make a bow of hair. Method of the second

To begin with, you need to prepare everything you need tocreating this hairstyle. We need 2 gums, a few invisible, varnish, foam (for better fixation). If the hair is curling, it is better to straighten them first. Naughty hair can be treated with foam. First we collect hair in the tail, we put on an elastic band. At the top of the tail we leave a string 1 - 2 cm (it will be needed later, but for now it can be fixed with an invisible at the base of the tail). In the middle of the tail we put on an elastic band. Hair we divide in half and connect invisible first elastic band with the second. As a result, we got two loops. Now we return to the top strand. From it we make the middle of the bow: without removing the invisible, we fix it under the elastic band with the help of invisible ones. We hide the tips of the hair in a bow with the help of a peg. We give the necessary form to our hairdress with the help of varnish. To decorate the hairdo, you can use various accessories.

What hairstyles are now in fashion

Knowing how to make a bow of hair, you can a bitexperiment and make it as you like it: more or less in size, one or two, on the one hand or on both sides ... The main thing is that you like the hair style and made passers-by throw admiring glances after you.