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Manicure with a unicorn: how to create an iridescent mood on the nails

Manicure with a unicorn - one of the most sensationaltrends in nail design. He impressed all fashionistas thanks to pastel shades, numerous sparkles and the most important highlight is the stucco horn of the unicorn. It looks spectacular and somewhat extravagant.

What is required?

There are many varieties of manicure with a unicorn. In order to implement bold fantasies, you will need the following:

  • Nail stickers are the easiest way to decorate them. You can find something from the theme of "unicorns" and decorate the marigold.
  • Lucky pastel shades - to make the picture look better, you should choose a gentle palette.
  • Bright varnishes - with the help of them you can draw this mythical creature, a rainbow and other fabulous attributes.
  • Thin brushes.
  • Sequins and rhinestones. Some believe that a manicure with sparkles is already out of date. But not in this case - the more sparkles in the manicure with the unicorn, the better.
  • The use of small confetti - kamifubuki.
  • An overhead horn is a bold and unusual solution, which can cause some inconvenience when socking due to its unusual surface.

manicure with unicorn

Embodiment on nails of short length

Not everyone is ready to attach an overhead horn and grow nails of extreme length. Therefore, there are different versions of manicure with a unicorn on short nails.

  1. Gradient in iridescent hues. Unicorn and multi-colored stripes - an ideal combination. Therefore, you can do a gradient manicure with a sponge: apply the selected shades and create an ombre effect.
  2. Holographic grinding.This is a fine powder that is rubbed into the nail by the applicator for the shadows. There are different ways. One of them: rubbing is applied to a sticky layer of gel-varnish or to the nail without stickiness. It is important to check with the seller which option is appropriate for the selected product.
  3. Use of special stickers. Cover the surface with a pastel shade, apply glitter and proceed to the design.

If you have the talent of an artist, then you can draw a unicorn, a rainbow, a cloud with a fine brush. It will turn out cute and gently.

manicure on short nails with a unicorn

Creating a three-dimensional horn

Of course, the most effective is the creationhorns of a unicorn. At home, this option is more difficult to implement, so it's better to do it in a beauty salon. Manicure "horn unicorn" is not suitable for everyone - it depends on whether there is a dress code at work, because it is rather unordinary.

Masters of nail service in their workuse acrylic paints and sculpting techniques. They give the nail the shape of the horn and create a relief surface using a polishing machine. Narrowed and sharp shape makes a normal nail file.

manicure horn unicorn

The horn of the unicorn can be attachedmini-sculpture to make it more spectacular. This allows you to demonstrate the creative potential of the master. Then gel-varnish is applied and the masterpiece is ready! But this manicure with a unicorn should get used to. At first, the feeling of heaviness on the nails and the volumetric surface will be unusual. But you will be rewarded with the increased attention of others and their enthusiastic reviews of such a fabulous manicure.