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Fashion trend - gray hair! Popular shades of gray hair

Women have always sought to hide in any way.their gray strands, and sometimes they chose the most ridiculous colors. But that all changed when a couple of years ago the world captured a new trend - a gray shade of hair. The first to change their color were the stars of Hollywood, thereby launching fashionable women of the entire planet. Pink, Lady Gaga and Riana - these three girls were among the first to show what gray hair was.

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Before you start talking about this shade, you needmeet him. As they say, it's better to see 1 time than to hear 100 times. Get a similar color will help the master of beauty salons, and if you follow all the instructions, it is quite possible to do at home.

gray hair

Gray hair was a real salvation for girls who wanted to remove yellowness after bleaching. After coloring, the curls become warmer and noble color.

Shades of ash: light brown, white

Platinum blondes gained popularity back inlast century. And in order to be in trend and get the desired gray hair, they need to add a little pearl shine to their light strands. By the way, if you are a natural blonde, you can use a shampoo instead of a permanent dye. If you become blonde due to the colors, it is better to pay attention to the ash-white tonic, which will remove yellowness and make your hair more well-groomed. It is worth noting that light gray hair looks very stylish and incredibly rich.

The most common shade is consideredash brown. If you decide to dye your hair in this color, it is better to go to the salon, because for the first time, and even at home, it is quite difficult to get it. But then you can carry out the procedure of dyeing the roots yourself. In order not to get a greenish tint, you need to add a small amount of violet or red to the paint. Although this color is looks very beautiful, if you do not care for him, burned out from the sun's rays, he will get dimness.

gray hair color

Do not forget about the current trend of the season - ombre. For example, dark gray hair on roots and a light ashy shade on tips will look impressive.

According to stylists, in order to give multidimensionality to the strands, it is necessary to paint them in several tones at once. Thus, the hair will receive a visual volume.

What do stylists not do toto diversify a palette of shades, for receiving desirable saturated gray color of hair. Masters of beauty salons gave him the name "silver fox". Such a shade can be varied with several blue or black strands.

Ash chestnut

This color is rapidly gaining momentum among celebrities. Chestnut gray hair color now at the peak of its popularity and goodthat has a wide palette of shades. Why do so many girls prefer him? Ash chestnut, being a natural shade, is absolutely suitable for all owners of dark skin and dark eyes.

gray hair photo

Sometimes the hair of adult women lacks warm tones, so this color will perfectly refresh their image.

Who will suit the new trend: grandma-style

Dreaming of becoming the owner of gray curls,many do not even think whether this color will suit them or not. But one thing is for sure, if you have a cool skin tone and bright eyes, then these shades are exactly for you.

It should be thought many times to those who facethere are minor scars, pimples or acne. The fact is that gray hair even more focus on these defects. Even age changes, due to this cold shade, will be more noticeable.

dark gray hair

Also with silver and pearl highlights you needbe cautious and dark girls. With this appearance, it is better to give preference to chestnut-gray color or ombre: dark roots smoothly turning into light gray tips.

Method of coloring

The ideal result from this staining will receiveonly girls with blond hair or women with gray. For blondes, fortunately, there are tools that have a less negative impact on the strands. These include tonics, tinted shampoos and balms. But what do brownies do?

First you need to prepare the hair.For about a month, you need to actively use various moisturizing masks. Before dyeing, the strands should be discolored with oxide and a brightening powder. The darker your shade, the longer you need to keep the composition on the hair. In order not to mock your own hair, experts advise to hold the paint for about 30 minutes and after a couple of days to re-bleach.

To remove the yellowness or greenish from the hair, you can use a purple, ashy or silver tonic. In this way, you can correct the result of the discoloration.

light gray hair

To get the desired shade of gray, stylists recommend the use of permanent paint. Despite the high content of ammonia in them, they are able to make the color uniform.

Suitable paints

Remember one important rule:do not save on materials for coloring. Of course, the cost of high-quality salon products far exceeds others, but only they can truly create a beautiful, rich, rich, most importantly, desired shade. When choosing a paint, pay attention to the products of the proven L'Oreal brand: “Light blonde ash” (No. 3) or “Ash color” (does not contain ammonia).

But if you can’t afford such an expensive paint, then you can opt for the budget funds of the brand "Palet" ("Ash Blonde") or "Vella" ("Ash Blonde").

For the new trend, special collections are created. For example, permanent paint "Manik Panic" in its color palette has as many as 11 shades of stylish gray.

Gray hair care

Dyed hair is most neededextra care. Strengthen damaged from the negative effects of hair can be folk remedies. Once a week, make various restorative masks. For example, break a pair of eggs in a glass and gradually add warm water, while constantly stirring so that they do not clot. Apply the mixture to wet hair and rinse.

Do not forget to rinse your hair.Lemon water will be an excellent homemade remedy. You can also add vinegar, but after such a rinse you need to wash the hair with running water, as it has a characteristic smell. Such a budget and simple way will return shine to your hair.

Do not forget about pharmaceuticals. For example, you can make infusions of yarrow, nettle or chamomile, which should be used as a herbal rinse.

gray hair shade

Often, after dyeing hair begins to fall heavily. To prevent this "hair fall", you need to rub the infusion of red pepper, burdock or castor oil into the roots.

Bleached hair becomes dry, and ifafter that, they are also painted with permanent paints, then their condition deteriorates markedly. Do not forget to cut the ends once a month. Also during the recovery period, forget about the existence of a hair dryer, curling iron and hair straightener.

We draw a conclusion

Для того чтобы серый цвет волос был насыщенным, once a month, update it with tinting agents or go through the lamination procedure. The latter method will make it so easy for you for 3 months to enjoy a stylish gray color.

Successful you staining!