/ Ashy Rose - hair color. Staining in fashionable color

Ashen rose - the color of hair. Staining in fashionable color

Despite the fact that today as never before in fashionnaturalness, world colorists could introduce a trend for bright interesting shades of hair. Brunettes can dilute their curls in saturated burgundy, purple or blue strands, and blondes are offered to change the wheat blond to a lavender, mint or ashy-pink shade. The latter has become one of the most coveted among the blondes of the whole world. "Ash-rose" - a color that gives the image freshness, youth and incredible uniqueness. And although not every fashionista decides on such a radical change of the image, many very much want to repaint the curls in this color. The most daring is dedicated to: we learn how to get an ashy pink shade of hair, and what make-up will emphasize the new image.

ashy rose color

Ashy pink hair color

Those who rarely experiment with their image,may ask: the color of the "ashy rose" is what? How does he look, and how can you paint his hair? Definitely, you can! Ash-pink color does not look flashy and too extravagant. It is quite muffled and very gentle, but due to the ashen bluff color does not look too "girlish" and youth.

If you do not risk painting the entire mass of hair in such a shade, you can make an emphasis in the form of several strands or dye the ends of the hair.

Who will have this hair color?

Fashionable color "ashy rose" is more suitablewomen who have a naturally cold appearance. This is a light skin, light blue or gray eyes, a light brown hue of hair. In this case, this color will be beneficial to emphasize, to make the eyes more expressive and brighter, to decorate the "porcelain" skin, to give the image a mystery and romance.

Owners of olive skin and warm undertonesthe color of the hair is "pink gold" or "strawberry blond", so natural colors will harmonize with the hair and will not be muted by a cold shade.

There are no age restrictions to this shade.But it is important that the whole image look harmonious. Choosing such a bright and original hair color, try not to divert attention from yourself with too shocking and extravagant clothes. But the strict classical style will look strange. Choose simple but stylish things that emphasize your personality and appearance.

hair color ashy rose

How to get ashy pink hair color?

Coloring in fashionable color "ashy rose"it is possible only for a previously discolored base. And the lighter the base color, the purer and more beautiful the pink-ash color will be. Therefore, the first thing to do on the way to ash-pink hair color is blonding full or partial.

If your natural hair color is medium- orlight blond, it is easier to bleach hair without a yellow shade, than a darker natural base. To do this, you can use a decolorizing powder or cream. Pay attention to the fact that the hair color should be uniform, otherwise the ashy-pink "will lie" unevenly. It is not easy to dye your hair in complicated shades, so it's better to contact a certified hairdresser.

Unfortunately, on decolorized locks the paintdoes not last long. To keep your new hair color "ashy rose", use shampoo and balms for colored hair. Also, once or twice a week, make nourishing masks, and for daily care use oils or indelible serums for tips. None, even the most beautiful color will not look beautiful on overdried, damaged hair.

fashionable color ashy rose

Brunettes and Ash-pink

And what about brunettes who like "ashyrose flower"? The color of hair with a lot of dark pigment is difficult to color white without harm to the curls, so the owners of dark hair can lighten a few strands or color only the ends of the hair. So it turns out a very fashionable ombre effect. In contrast to dark-blond and black hair, ash-pink ends look very original and bright. If you decide to dye the entire mass of hair, then carefully monitor the growing roots and wash the shade, otherwise the hair will look untidy.

coloring in a fashionable color ashy rose

Than to paint hair?

Practically in every brand of professionalhair colors can be found a shade of "ashy rose". The color is either presented in pure form, or it can be obtained by mixing two or three shades. Of course, it is better to cope with this task experienced master colorist, since there is a risk of getting an insufficiently pure color.

In addition to the permanent dye, there aretoning pigments that last very briefly and are suitable for those who want only to try this shade and is afraid to use persistent paint. The domestic brand Ollin has a line of direct-action pigments Matisse Color. They work only on previously discolored hair. To get an ashy-pink color, you need to mix the gray pigment and fuchsia 1: 5, add a mask for hair, and apply on clean wet curls. The holding time is from 5 to 20 minutes.

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Makeup for Ash-pink Hair Color

Hair color "ashy rose" requires carefulthe worked out tone of the face. The closer this complex shade to your face, the more perfect the skin color, since all the imperfections will immediately come to the fore. If the skin has pigment spots, acne or dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer or proofreader to mask the flaws.

To not look pale, use blushcold pink color, put them on the "apples" cheeks with a soft wide brush. On the protruding parts of the cheekbones, under the eyebrow and on a tick above the upper lip, apply a hiliter of cold silvery hue. This will give the person a fresh, rested look.

For makeup lips suitable nude shades of lipsticks and glitter: gently pink, beige, peach.

"Ash-pink rose" is the color that requiresthe right eyebrow tone. This does not mean that they should also be pink. To emphasize eyebrows, choose a pencil or shadows of a cold light gray-brown hue. Do not fit very dark eyebrows and rich brown with a warm podtonom.