/ / Portfolio for admission to the university. Compilation rules for technical and creative specialties

Portfolio for admission to the university. Compilation rules for technical and creative specialties

Portfolio is a kind of fixationindividual achievements of man. Portfolio for admission to the university is required if the faculty with a creative bias is chosen. For example, if it is an architectural or art faculty, training in the fashion industry, photography.

Why should you advertise yourself?

To date, any training institutionwants to see not only an ordinary high school graduate, but also an enthusiastic person. Portfolio allows you to determine the aspirations and abilities of the entrant, determine the degree of skills that people have acquired to date.

In fact, such a simple advertising catalogallows the future student to shift the emphasis from the sphere in which he is not too strong, to the area where concrete results are achieved. This self-presentation, which allows you to open your potential to strangers.

Portfolio for admission to university

Rules of compilation

Despite the lack of huge popularity among students and teachers, certain rules for compiling a portfolio for admission to a university have already been formed.

First of all, the catalog must be submittedonly finished works, no preliminary developments. Regardless of the scope of the work should not be more than 20. If it is very difficult to decide for yourself what is best for self-presentation, invite your friends. Let them, as they say, look from the side and offer options that they prefer.

A ready document must have a maximumpresentable appearance. Even if a person is very talented to notice him and his work, you need to adequately present your advantages. If possible, it is necessary to systematize everything, for example:

  • on stylistics;
  • on color solutions;
  • on the subject.

do I need a portfolio for admission to university?

Portfolio for admission to the university should beginwith the best works, because the first pages - this is the first impression. Before admission is recommended to clarify, perhaps self-presentation will be required in electronic form, so it's better to scan everything beforehand.

Do not be lazy and make a brief description toevery job, no matter what it is, a quote from a friend or a note from a newspaper. The main thing is that the short text convey emotions and help to better perceive what they saw. Therefore, it is necessary to try, since the electronic form of the portfolio can be viewed without the applicant himself.

registration of a portfolio for admission to the university

What should not be

Portfolio design for admission to universityoccurs according to clear rules and should, above all, attract, not repel. Therefore, no extravagance or excessive eccentricity. This approach at registration distracts from the basic purpose - to open the talents.

At the same time, the catalog of works should not bestatic, the work should be viewed personal and professional growth. In no case do not plagiarize when preparing a portfolio for admission to the university. An experienced teacher will always notice that the catalog of works is made according to a specific template.

Do not go on the path of most Europeanstudents, stick to the classic approach. On the contrary, originality will always be noticed and appreciated. Especially when it comes to entering the school of art, because for any creator it is very important to express traditions in art form.

title page portfolio for university entrance

Portfolio in a technical college

Do I need a portfolio for admission to the universitytechnical direction? If you have something to tell, then be sure. After all, many students of ordinary schools participate in competitions, various competitions, they even receive grants, but this is not indicated in the certificate of maturity. In this case, the portfolio will be composed somewhat differently.

Title page portfolio for admission to the universitymust contain personal information about the applicant, the place and date of the document, information about which school student was compiled from. You can specify the period for which information is provided.

Next comes the self-description sheet. In this case, it is not necessary to write only autobiographical data, personal characteristics must be indicated.

The next section is a documentary portfolio.It is here that describes all the achievements, both personal and in the field of education. If there are diplomas of success in competitions and contests, they must be attached.

Courses - this section is compiled if the applicant has received additional education. It indicates which disciplines have been studied, for example, foreign languages ​​or C ++ programming language.

Self-presentation can be added to almost anyinformation that will show the applicant with the best hand. For example, a young man participated in a technical or creative project, as a result, a model of an aircraft without wings was made, and the team on testing the model proved that such an aircraft would fly.

Portfolio is an opportunity to consolidate accumulatedknowledge for the period of study in a school or a secondary specialized institution. A prospective student presents his achievements to the admissions committee, although in this case the portfolio is less oriented towards teachers, and is required for analyzing the applicant's self-assessment.