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Work in the North for Women: Jobs and Conditions

At the words "work in the Far North"it seems hard work shiftwork away from home and family. This is associated with gold mines, and is compensated by all receiving high wages. In the conditions of unemployment and crisis, the latter is the key.

There are stereotypes:In the Far North only men can work, because women are not so hardy to severe climate conditions. But this is not so. In fact, work in the north for women is in demand. They are offered vacancies for cooks, assistant chefs, dishwashers. They successfully find work at public catering establishments, in hotels, shopping and entertainment establishments, in warehouses. Women work as commandants, maids, storekeepers, warehouse workers.

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Work in the north (for women vacancies can also be found in higher-paid positions in the presence of experience) is offered mainly in the construction, oil and gas industries.

Despite the fact that work and life in such aclimate is a test that not everyone can withstand, yet many make this decision, are engaged in finding work in this region. Work in the north for women is, but the number of jobs offered is limited. Most employers offer a shift method. But it should also be understood that work on such a schedule and severe climate conditions do not have the best effect on women's health, especially worsening it psychologically.

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Working in the north for women means havingnot only the relevant specialty, but also good health. On the shift method, people who do not have contraindications for health to perform their duties in conditions of pressure drops, high humidity, low temperatures and a small number of light days per year are accepted for the shift method.

Of course, work in the north for women is not thathighly paid, like men, but their wages are an order of magnitude higher than in the middle band. This is due to compensation and state benefits. Conscientious employers comply with all the requirements that are set by them at the legislative level. Women, according to Art. 320 TC RF, working in the harsh conditions of the north, can work a week not more than 36 hours. But at the same time, wages should be at the level of the same as in the full working week. If a woman works more than this rule, then such work will be considered overtime and must be paid according to the current legislation. This condition must be stipulated in the employment contract. In the presence of children under the age of 16, the mother is given an additional unpaid leave once a month. Unused additional days are not subsequently compensated. Women who have young children can not be dismissed with a reduction in staff.

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The work of a watch in the north for women at the legislative level has limitations. This is stipulated in the LC RF. In the conditions of the north women do not have the right to work:

- Under 18 years of age;

- Healthy medical contraindications;

- Pregnant women;

- Raising a child up to 3 years.

Some employers offer vacancies for families. Families are provided with housing at the expense of the organization, additional honey. insurance, full social. package.