/ / Work in Euroset: employee feedback, vacancies, possible prospects

Work in Euroset: employee feedback, vacancies, possible prospects

"Euroset" is the largest company representingmarket of cellular retail. The main areas of its activities are: information services, retail communications, small digital equipment, accessories, MP3 and CD-players, as well as cooperation with metropolitan and regional dealers. Do you want to get a job in Euroset? Then it will be useful for you to read the information in this article.

Work in Euroset reviews

Personnel policy of the company

According to statistics, in the past yearthe total number of employees of Euroset exceeded 33 000 people. The company's management is going to further develop its business by opening new stores in the metropolitan region and in the provinces. It is impossible to achieve the set goals without attracting young, talented and motivated employees. The company is ready to pay for good staff. But is work at Euroset so good? Reviews about this employer do not give an unambiguous answer. This will be discussed below.

Advantages of working in the company

What makes young people so interested inEuroset? The salary there is above the average level (from 28,000 rubles). For representatives of each link (sellers, managers, couriers, merchandisers and so on), there is a fixed salary + percentage of sales, bonuses and bonuses. What other advantages does the work in Euroset have? Feedback from former and current employees has revealed the following advantages:

Get a job in Euroset

  • Possibility of free training.
  • A close-knit team of young and ambitious people.
  • Decent salary.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • Rapid advancement on a career ladder.
  • Promotion of innovation.
  • Awards for the best employees.
  • Flexible work schedule.

Vacancies and requirements for employees

The management of Euroset wants to seetheir offices, shops and lounges of communication of energetic and hardworking people who are not afraid of responsibility, are able to communicate with customers and want to be confident in the future.

Key requirements for a potential employee:

1. Motor in the shower. It is good, if the person himself takes the initiative in those or other situations. It is always welcomed and encouraged.

2. Aim for the result, not for the process. The victories are not interesting to anyone. Euroset has all the conditions for career growth.

3. Unhealthy brain. Companies need people who are able to learn and improve their skills.

Work in Euroset salary

4. Communication skills. In this case, rates are made not on all-knowing experts, but on those who can establish contact with buyers and their colleagues.

Vacancies for specialists and students:

  • merchandiser;
  • cashier:
  • accountant;
  • interior designer;
  • Sales Manager:
  • courier;
  • shop assistant.

Work in Euroset: employee feedback

Elena Popova (Yekaterinburg):"As a sales consultant, I worked for almost 5 years. The collective was friendly, the awards were issued regularly. Now I am in the decree. A year later I plan to return to my former workplace and take up the promotion professionally. "

Ilya Khamidullin (Samara):"For three months I worked as a courier in Euroset. There are always a lot of orders, and there is not much time to deliver them. Regularly received reprimands from his superiors, he never saw the prize. In general, I did not have the best memories of working in this company. "

Tatiana Znagovan (Krasnodar):"She began her career with Euroset as a courier. Today I am a senior sales consultant. I'm not going to stop there. After all, the company offers such great opportunities. "

Now you know what the job at Euroset is. Employee feedback and other information provided by the article will help you make the right choice. We wish you good luck!