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L. Andreev: "Kusaka". Summary with analysis elements

Andreev kusak
Leonid Andreev is a writer with whom wegetting acquainted as a child, reading the stories "Gostinets", "Petka at the cottage", "Kusaka", as well as many others. His creativity is imbued with humanism, an understanding of the heavy proportion of those who by fate's fate found themselves in a difficult situation, who suffer from lack of food, clothing, and simply from the dullness and the stony hearts of those around them. Such main characters in the author's works are not only people, but also animals. A striking example of this is the story of a stray dog ​​in a story written in 1901 by Andreev Leonid, Kusaka (a brief outline of it is presented in this article). It touches the hearts of readers with a call for being soulful, humane and responsible for their deeds.

L. Andreev, "Kusaka." Summary of the work

So, let's pass to the analysis and comprehension of history,which captured in a short story Leonid Andreev. "Kusaka" (the summary is not able to convey the depth of feeling that the writer has put into the story) is the story of a dog that does not belong to anyone who lives on the street. There is no nickname, no house, owners, and simply sympathetic, caring people, she can not meet. The dog most often hides in her one famous secret corner of the garden. Sometimes she runs out into the street. Then the children throw stones and sticks into it, and the adults whistle after them. The dog was lucky to meet kind people, whose dacha she guarded.

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The idea of ​​answering with kindness for hatred displays in thishistory Andreev. Kusaka (the short content of the story can be conveyed by the following phrase: "Bute - run, do not trust anyone.") Begins to gradually respond to human warmth, thaw out with one's heart. Friendly relations arise in the dog with the girl Lelay, and with the whole family. The dog is fed, loved, and it tries to express its gratitude: somersaults, whirls, joyfully squeals, seeing people. However, autumn comes, and the family leaves home. Kusaka again remains alone. She is looking for, calling her own people in her own way, but no one answers her. It's starting to rain. The night is coming. The dog howls hopelessly.

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The idea of ​​the story and its main appeal

What is the main idea of ​​the story?It can be determined even after reading the summary. Andreev L .: "Kusaka" is the story that a soulless attitude toward animals leads to indifference and stiffness in communicating people among themselves. It is not by chance that in the beginning of the story an episode with a drunken peasant is placed, who called the dog to caress, but then he suddenly remembered all the injuries inflicted on him by people, and swept away the evil on the animal, striking Kusak with his boot. Certainly, Leonid Andreev calls for humanism in his work. "Kusaka," a brief summary of which we present here, also serves this lofty goal. Justified and the episode at the end of the story, showing the fool Ilyu, over which cynically laugh in the village and adults and children. What does he teach, what draws our attention in the story Leonid Andreev? "Kusaka", a brief summary also confirms this, a sample of the so-called Aesopian language, when the shortcomings of people, their unseemly acts, are shown and ridiculed on the example of animal behavior. Be more attentive to others, be kinder and more merciful - the main appeal of the author of this work.