/ / O `Henry -" Leader of the Redskins. " Summary of the famous story

O `Henry -" Leader of the Redskins. " Summary of the famous story


Если спросить среднестатистического россиянина о what works of William Sidney Portrera he read, then in 90% of cases you will receive in response only a puzzled look and an indefinite shrug. Yes, this writer is not popular with our readers. But if you ask about what the novelist O'Henry wrote, then the same 90% will happily remember the story "Leader of the Redskins". The brief content of this novel is able to tell everyone, even if he was not lucky enough to keep the book in his hands. But he probably watched a wonderful Soviet adaptation with Georgy Vitsin and Alexei Smirnov in the lead roles.

Those who have not yet read this wonderful novel andGaidai's film "The Business People", we will try to tell what the story "Leader of the Redskins" is about. The summary is unlikely to be particularly brief, but ... "Mukhtar will try." So, let's get started.

O'Henry. "Leader of the Redskins": a short summary of the novel

Naive American childless bachelors - Sam andBill - decided to do not spread the "Herbalife", and kidneppingom. They decided that if they kidnapped the only son of a local rich man, then he would roll off at least a couple of thousand dollars for returning to the native penates of the offspring. Thus begins the novel The Leader of the Redskins. The summary of it follows below.


Said - done, the kid is lured with a promiseshow something very interesting and, despite the resistance, take away to the mountains. After waiting for some time, one of the bandits goes on scouting, he is very interested in what they say about this crime of the century in the town, and a letter to the inconsolable father with terms of the heir's redemption must be sent.

In the town there is a joyful mood.To the unknown idiot kidnappers, the entire population is literally ready to pray. The boy managed to annoy all the residents without exception. It would seem that an intelligent person should think about the fact that it is unlikely that at least 2 cents will be paid for the return of such a "treasure", not to mention two thousand dollars. But our hero decides that the more unbearable the child, the stronger to him parental love. He sends a letter to the father with the terms of the ransom and returns to the partner in the most iridescent mood.

 short story
Meanwhile, in Bill's case, things are not going at all the samejoyfully. Abducted tomboy decided to tear himself away in full and proclaimed himself a real Indian, with the head of the tribe. Yes, you remember the name "Leader of the Redskins" to the very place. The summary is not the story itself, and it is not in a position to pass on all the bullying that Johnny (such a name was given to loving parents) put unfortunate bandits on. Already after three days of staying in the company with the restless tomboy they were ready to throw everything and run anywhere. But ... from Johnny, just so nobody could escape.

So our brief summary has come to an endstory "The leader of the Redskins." The end of the novel is natural. Our heroes also had to pay daddy for the latter to keep his son on a leash for at least half an hour, and they will manage to get to the Canadian border during this time.