/ / M. Yu. Lermontov: analysis of the poem and its brief content. Lermontov "Borodino" as one of the best examples of patriotic poetry

M. Yu. Lermontov: analysis of the poem and its brief content. Lermontov "Borodino" as one of the best examples of patriotic poetry

Correctly understand the meaning, idea and meaningworks often help in its concise content. Lermontov ("Borodino" - one of the most famous poems in Russian poetry) is considered to be a follower of Pushkin both in the manner of writing lyrical works, and on topics. The poet was very attracted to historical subjects, which were embodied in poems, novels, as well as some small works. The description of military operations also takes a prominent place in his work, as he himself served in the Caucasus.


To learn the meaning of the work helps studentsits brief content. Lermontov ("Borodino" - this poem, which was written in 1837) is rightly considered a poet who, like no one else, could express the picture of the battle in a concise form. The work in question begins with an appeal to a participant in the famous battle. In it, the poet only in a few lines draws an epic panorama of the battle: the burnt capital, terrible struggles that still remember the people's memory. This small passage is an introduction to a more detailed story of the warrior who took part in the battle.

a short summary of Lermontov's beard

The main idea of ​​the work is revealed by a shortcontent. Lermontov ("Borodino" is the best example of patriotic lyrics in Russian poetry) is recognized as one of the best poets who knew how to transfer battle dynamics both in verse and in prosaic form. Of great importance for the analysis of the work is the description of the narrator of the fighters who fought in the famous battle. He calls them bogatyrs, thereby emphasizing that they have done everything to protect the capital.

Lermontov Borodino short summary for the readers diary


The poet skillfully depicts the state of the Russian armybefore the start of the battle. He emphasizes the readers' attention to the fact that the soldiers themselves were eager to fight, because they were tired of retreating. An analysis of the strong emotional and patriotic upsurge of Russian soldiers should include a brief summary. Lermontov ("Borodino" is an epic canvas of an iconic historical battle) is considered to be one of the best authors of the first half of the 19th century, who was able to create a large battle canvas in just a few lines. In the poem is given an expressive description of the battle that has erupted. The poet draws a picture of a wide field, cannon firing, skirmishes and fights of Russians with the French.

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Culmination and denouement

Every schoolboy knows that he wrote Lermontov«Borodino». The summary for the reader's diary of this poem should include a description of the features of the battle and the state of mind of the Russian army. The author emphasized the patriotic rise of soldiers who fought hand to hand with the enemy. Of particular importance is the author's colorful mention of a gunfire. It should also be said about the oath that the fighters gave during this battle. Thus, the poet once again stressed the patriotic rise of the fighters and their readiness to die for their native city. Mikhail Lermontov completed his work with a new characterization of the fighters. "Borodino" (a short content of the poem should help the students understand its composition) - this is one of the best examples of patriotic poetry.