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How to earn money for viewing ads

At all times of the existence of commercialrelations advertising was the engine of trade. You can earn on it, you can buy it or sell it; you can make advertising free and, at the same time, worthless money. It has always been assumed that it is earned by those who buy it (the owner of the product or product, the seller), as well as those who sell it (the owner of the advertising platform or the one who manages the advertising resources). In this sense, the modern model has changed a little - and now everyone can earn on advertising.

The value of each user

money for viewing ads

Earlier it really could seem somethingstrange and awkward: how on the advertising relationship can someone make a third? How is it "built into" the chain that exists between the advertiser and the buyer of the advertisement? We answer: it happened due to new technologies, namely - because of the appearance of the Internet and mobile devices.

The global web has done what beforeseemed impossible. In it, on the one hand, all users are the "mass" - the majority. This is what happens in real life, for example, in the relations established between governments and the people. However, unlike real life, everyone's voice is counted on the Internet. It is much easier to "get through" to every individual, to learn his opinion, to automate the process of data collection.

In a sense, this is whata person who needs advertising: he contacts individually with each representative of his audience. And if he pays money for accommodation and displays to the owner of the site, then why not directly transfer money for viewing advertising to each of the users? The only complication of such a model can be, perhaps, the technical complexity of the organization of distribution - and otherwise such a model bears solid "pluses". After all, in the end, so a person becomes interested in the material that is offered to him (with the right presentation, of course).

Therefore, the Internet has become a model,providing a view of advertising for money. This is now actively used by advertisers: those who produce and sell any product or service, pay people for them to study information about them.

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Advertising in mobile apps

There are a variety of types of materials thatbring money for viewing ads. First of all, they are determined by the goals pursued by the advertiser, as well as by the site where they are located. Let's give some examples. All of them create such a model as advertising for money.

We take, as a model, mobile platforms.Initially, banners were used inside applications that led to a click and, thus, translated the user to the site of interest to him or to another application. Since such banners, as a rule, are barely noticeable, therefore the advertising networks began to work with other, more interesting projects. In particular, they came up with a format such as advertising on the whole screen.

In some applications, money is paid forviews of advertising. Participants are registered in a special network, which gives out to all "workers" (which, in fact, also work) is a reward for committing actions. It turns out that you are looking at advertising (in the format of a banner, pictures on the whole screen or a video), after which you earn some payment. In the case of mobile platforms, such earnings are offered by PrimeApp, different AppCoin and others. True, the downside of this work is the need to install applications on your device.

Sites with advertising

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A completely different category in which you canTo earn money for viewing advertising, are so-called "click" or "postal" sponsors. Here pay less, but the work is easier and it is many times greater. Such sites are called "box" or "mail". The procedure is this: you register here, start watching ads (most often it's visiting websites and reading advertising letters), then you get to your accounted amount of money. As a rule, these are tenths of a cent. The main "plus" of such earnings is that there are a lot of such sites, including old and stable ones, which have been working for several years. On them you can earn money on viewing advertising on the Internet without special skills and labor costs, say, after work. To replenish the mobile account or pay for services, the Internet should be enough.

Register with several mailers(for example, WmZona, VipIp, WmMail, SeoSpint, etc. By participating in several such systems, you will increase your earnings. In addition, the mentioned platforms give you the opportunity to participate in various assignments, contests and promotions - thus, there will be several different directions , in which to earn real money.

Separately, we can mention developed referralsystem in such structures: thus, if you attract a friend as a user of such a site, you will additionally be charged a certain percentage of the earned money.

Video ads

viewing advertising for money on the Internet

Another interesting area is advertising invideo recordings. You just need to watch videos shot about this or that project, product and product to earn some shares of cents. Again, due to the growing popularity of such services, users have a unique opportunity to participate in several projects in order to increase revenue. An example can serve as VkTarget, VideoSped, Vizona and others.

The task of the user is no different from thosemodels with boxes and mobile applications that have been described above: you need to watch advertising materials, simulate interest in them (you may be asked to take tests after), communicate with representatives of the advertising company and answer their questions. You will simply be given a link to several videos taken about a particular product / product. You should view the full length of the video, without rewinding and restarting it. As mentioned above, test tasks and questions can be given to control your attention to this content.


earn money for advertising

As we already noted above, in fact, for(depending on where and who pays you money for viewing advertising, there are different options for how to measure your work - in the number of downloaded applications, open links, downloaded videos, etc.), you pay relatively little. It could be a couple of cents, maybe a tenth of a cent. The user's benefit is determined by the quantity. If you can see a hundred videos in 30-40 seconds, you, in fact, for an hour of "work" (although you do not take any active steps), you can get something about 1-2 dollars.

Of course, such a result can not be called desirable,nevertheless, in parallel you can, for example, read a book or play some puzzles. An essential plus that the viewing of advertising for money on the Internet possesses is that it is a passive income; a person who wants to receive this money does not need to do anything other than a simple "presence" in front of the screen. Therefore, this type of work can even be combined with other types of online earnings to maximize your final profit.

Variety in the market

Again, the number of proposalsadvertising, for which they pay. You can, for example, watch both advertising videos at the same time, and visit sites for which you also pay some cents. In the end, it turns out that you will earn a fairly considerable sum, if you take into account the minimum of efforts.

Development of the industry

to earn money on viewing advertising on the Internet

Another factor is the upward trend.A couple of years ago, the programs and campaigns that pay for viewing advertising materials were much smaller. Today, there are more resources where you can start working. Above, in each of the categories, we gave several possible options. Of course, there are many more on the market - they can not be listed here. Moreover, some projects provide an opportunity to work on a hybrid model, offering money earnings for viewing ads, combined with paid downloads or installation fees. This needs to be learned specifically when considering a particular service.

Supply and demand

Again, do not forget that advertising at all is notenough. Advertisers are interested in showing their product to the widest possible range of people. But at the same time their budget is limited - and work on the Internet (advertising for money) is in demand by many users. As a result, often you may not have time to participate in any profitable advertising campaign, since other participants will already exhaust its limit. For this reason, you should always try to learn about everything as quickly as possible, register on different sites and subscribe to possible updates.

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Foreign resources

Sometimes such earnings on the Internet (viewadvertising for money) can be of a purely regional nature - when the advertiser needs users from a particular country (for example, from the US). In this case, of course, you will not be able to apply for a job, because you have a Russian location.

On the other hand, there are a lot of proposals, inpeople from all over the world can participate, including from the Russian Federation. Just the complexity of their search is that they are all in English. Therefore, in search of better offers, we recommend looking for foreign projects. You can do this with the help of an interpreter if you do not have the required level of language knowledge. Money, in this case, you could get through the popular in the Western countries system PayPal.

Why not try

Perhaps you read this material and decidedtry because you are interested in information on some of the items. However, maybe, on the contrary - you simply do not know whether you will be able to earn on viewing advertising, whether the advertiser will pay and so on. On this occasion I want to say that in reality very few people can judge anything without trying it on their own experience. Suddenly, you really will like to watch advertising for money and, in addition, you will be paid for it? This same, in many sense of the word, "easy earnings", which is not used only by those who do not know and have never heard of it. Since you have read this note, you can say that you are sufficiently aware of how to start acting. What are you waiting for?


So, let's sum up a little.Indeed, the Internet is paid for the fact that you (as a representative of the target audience) will watch their advertising. Its formats can be completely different - it can be a regular site, or a mobile application or video. Which option to choose depends entirely on your personal preferences.

In most cases, finding a project dedicated toearnings on viewing advertising, you must create an unaccountable entry and specify your data. Next, you need a little "work" (actually, start watching ads for money), - reviews show that this is enough to gain a certain level of a minimum amount. Most often, such projects put a couple of dollars as a "threshold" for withdrawal. Having received your money, you will be sure that everything is real and will be more confident in their actions. Good luck!