/ How much do you pay on YouTube for watching a video?

How much do you pay on YouTube for watching a video?

The Internet is increasingly being introduced into people's lives, and withthe fast-growing popularity of a variety of video hosting (YouTube among which is undoubtedly the leader), many users are concerned about the question of how much you can earn on "Youtube".

How to earn

Despite the ease of use of thisvideo hosting, you can earn on YouTube only if you perform a certain sequence of actions and if you know the functioning of some of the resource tools. It's not enough to just shoot the video, put it on the network and expect amounts with lots of zeros. Information should attract visitors and, accordingly, advertisers who are looking for prospective buyers of their goods or services.

how much do youtube pay per view

Number of Users

The answer to the question about how much you pay on YouTubefor viewing, depends on a number of important factors. The first of these is the number of visitors. The more users watch the video, so, accordingly, more on it can earn its author. To define this tool, there are such concepts as husky and dislay. The first option the user puts in the event that the video he liked, and the second - if not.

It is important to take into account the fact that interestThe ratio of positive and negative feedback is not so important. The main is the total number of visitors to a certain account. Even if the video received a lot of dislikes, these reviews hide real people who watched the video. At the same time, it is also important to host on the hosting not just one single job, but several that will attract visitors.

how much is the view on youtube

Regularity and consistency

Another important point,how much they pay on YouTube for viewing, is the regularity of uploading a video to a resource. One popular video is, of course, good, but you can get more profits only if you systematically provide information on hosting. Working in this way, you can attract regular viewers who will subscribe to the subscriber's channel. This audience will gradually lead others and so on.

It is regular replenishment of video hostingis an indirect answer to the question: "How much does it cost?" Views on YouTube are an important factor here, it is for them that the account holder gets their profit.

Where to begin

Before you figure out how much you pay on YouTubefor viewing, it is necessary to go through some stages. The first is the availability of your own channel, where you can publish your work. To issue an account is simple enough, you just need to follow the instructions of the resource.

how much is the view on youtube

The second point is the formation of the audience.It is important to find a large number of subscribers who will then attract their visitors, and those - their own, etc. To do this, you can make certain advertising, as well as post information on the channel in a blog, on social networking pages, etc. A good option is to subscribe on the updates of other users who, as a gratitude, often perform a similar procedure in response.

Possible income

If you have the above items, you might thinkand about earnings. The answer to the question of how much you pay for YouTube for views depends on a number of indicators. The main thing is the search for an advertiser who will post his commercial information next to the video. If the account owner has thousands of views, then he has nothing to worry about: advertisers will find it and offer a good price for services. If the video is not very popular yet, then you will have to look for a commercial partner yourself. Find an advertiser is not as difficult as it seems. To do this, you just need to publish your application on a blog, social networking page, on your own website, forums, etc.

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Determine the exact amount of earnings on the resourceIt is very difficult, because each advertisement is evaluated in different ways. One click can be estimated in the range from a few cents to a dollar or higher. For example, the transition to the page of the advertised service is 50 cents. Half of this amount takes the service, and the second one gets the account owner. So, the earnings will look like this:

  • 100 clicks - 25 dollars;
  • 1000 clicks - 250 dollars;
  • 10,000 clicks - 2500 dollars.

Accordingly, the more videos and the higher the rate of attendance of an account, the greater the income of the user of the hosting.

YouTube is a good place to make money on the Internet. If you have a good video, a sufficient number of views and advertisers, you can get good interest from commercial information.