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How to make money on Yutube: 5 ways

Many users who have been around for a long timecommunicate with the computer and feel confident on the Internet, sooner or later they start to torment the issues of earning in the network. Today we will figure out how to make money on Yutube. It turns out that there are a lot of options for generating income through this free video network. And here are just a few of them.

how to make money on YouTube

Partnership with UTube

Many, probably, saw the advertisement at the beginning of the video,which can be missed in 4-5 seconds from the beginning or to see through. This is one of the ways to earn money on Yutube. But for this you need to become a partner of this global organization. It is not so easy to do this, and not in Yutoub's management here. Just to be able to add such advertising to your video, you need to have a minimum of 10 million views per month. This is a difficult job, and it is necessary to shoot videos quite often, they should be popular and interesting to all users. So this is the most difficult variant of earnings and, of course, the most profitable.

contextual advertising
how to make money on youtube

Many website owners know how to earnadvertising from Google Adsense. It's very simple - you place advertising on your website and that's it. You get a little for viewing it and a lot for clicks. Since the advertisement is contextual, interesting to the user, there are a lot of clicks. And this is the easiest way to earn money on Yutube. You shoot a video and on its page install such advertising. It's simple. In addition, on the same account you continue to receive money from sites and blogs, where this advertising is also installed.

Own channel and subscribers

It's very fashionable to conduct your own channel on UTube today.Many people shoot a video about everything they understand. You are interested in recruiting more and more subscribers, because they will be the first to see your new video, and subscribers of your subscribers will also see it. Hence the popularity, and money.

Pay per view

There are some sites that are ready to pay for you.views of your videos. There are a lot of them, but the conditions for all are about the same. Paid kopecks, you can deduce from 1 dollar, but earnings are not limited by anything. That is, having removed the movie once, you will receive these pennies before retirement, until the movie finally loses its relevance. Thus, information turns into a good passive income. And if there are several such videos, then the answer to the question on how to earn money on Yutube will bring you a whole fortune in the future.

Partnership programs
how much money is earned on YouTube

Where without them, without partner programs ?!If you are interested in how to earn money on Yutube, then you can turn your eyes to similar proposals. The video in them, in fact, the same advertisement. You send a user to the site on this video, he spends money there, for example, on online games, and you get a good percentage. But it's a serious job - to make sure that your video is more popular than millions of similar ones, although it's worth trying.

Counting a penny

Of course, among other things, you are interested in how muchmoney is earned on Yutube. And here the framework, you know, is endless. Someone takes an incendiary dance and earns millions of dollars, and someone shows a popular show. The conclusion is only one - you can earn, and quite a lot, but you need time and effort. Treat this as a real office job, only then you will succeed.