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Greetings from the 90's: baking pancakes without eggs, without kefir

As the saying goes: "The ghost is fictitious."When it is necessary to quickly and tasty feed the family, and the refrigerator is not pleased with the abundance of products, recipes from the 90s come to mind. Then we managed to cook practically from nothing. For example, bake pancakes without eggs, without kefir, using only flour, water and yeast. I do not remember that ate something more delicious than those pancakes.

Lush pancakes without eggs: we prepare sponge

pancakes without eggs without kefir

Yes, there is no way to avoid this recipe,therefore we will treat the process of its preparation with all seriousness. We need half a glass of warm (about 38 degrees) water, half a tablespoon of flour, 25 grams of pressed baker's yeast and half a tablespoon of sugar. It is important that the dishes in which the opara will be prepared have a fairly decent volume - about 0.5 liters. Yeast is sent to warm water, slightly shaken to dissolve more quickly, then add the resulting liquid to flour and sugar. We cover the container with an opaque napkin, put it in a warm place and wait for about fifteen minutes. During this time, our liquid will turn into a fluffy foam cap (provided that the yeast is of high quality). Everything, opara is ready.

Pancakes without eggs, without kefir: knead the dough

In this business, the main thing is the right attitude.We throw out of our heads all negative thoughts, we think only of good: about good health for all children and household members, about peace in the family and about the house - a full cup. In a saucepan with a volume of three liters, pour 3 cups of sifted wheat flour, half a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Thoroughly mix the loose ingredients. Approached the spit poured into a saucepan. Boiled water is cooled to 38 degrees. Its quantity in the test depends on the quality of the flour. Let's start with one glass, increasing the volume as needed. Gradually pour warm water into the mixture of loose ingredients, continuously mixing the dough. As a result, it should acquire a uniform consistency of not very greasy and thick cream.

lush pancakes without eggs
Cover the pan with a wet napkin and put inwarm place for about an hour. In the end, if everything goes according to plan, we will see the following picture: the dough has increased at least twice, it has a glossy surface, and if you scoop out a dough with a spoon, it does not flow and keeps the shape well. Now you can start baking pancakes without eggs, without kefir.

Fry without fanaticism

Well, if the house has a frying pan with a thick bottom- on such pancakes without eggs, without kefir will turn out to be surprisingly magnificent and ruddy. Maximize the frying pan, pour a little vegetable oil without smell, we reduce the fire. Tablespoon, previously soaked in water, carefully put our pancakes into a frying pan. I close it with a lid, but this is optional. To turn pancakes is necessary, when "top" grasps, that is it will be visible, that they have risen and the dough from above not crude. Do not wait until the pancake is "sunbathed to blackness" - quite light golden. Ready pancakes spread on the dish and served hot.

With what it is eaten

We determined that the products are at our disposalvery little, so the "sauce" for our pancakes is the simplest, but from this no less delicious - water with sugar. Everything is done very simply: one tablespoon of sugar is mixed with two tablespoons of water and everything is boiled.

how to cook pancakes on the water

Well, now you know how to cook pancakes on the water. Good luck!