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Draniki zucchini: recipe cooking with photo

As you know, zucchini is a very useful vegetable.It is perfectly absorbed by the body and has a positive effect on digestion and skin condition, indispensable in the diet of people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. It is based on a wide variety of dishes. Today we decided to consider a few simple recipes. So, we offer to cook potato pancakes. We will share some recipes of this dish, which will allow you to diversify the menu and please the household.

pancakes potatoes

Dranniki squash in a hurry

To prepare this dish, you will not take more thanhalf an hour. The result will surely please both you and your family members. We will be making pancakes from the following ingredients: a couple of zucchini, two eggs, flour - four tablespoons, a bunch of fresh herbs, one teaspoon of salt and oregano, a little pepper, 50 ml of vegetable oil. Of the products listed, you should get 5-6 servings of the dish.

Cooking process

Zucchini is peeled and grated.Add the eggs and mix. Mine, a little dried and finely chopped greens. We spread it to the zucchini. There we add salt, seasonings, flour. Stirring. From this test, we will fry potato pancakes. In the frying pan, we heat sunflower oil. Fry the pancakes on medium heat from two sides to the color. Serve the ready dish best in hot form. It is perfectly combined with sour cream. Bon Appetit!

potato squash potatoes

Potato and squash prappers

We bring to your attention one more simplerecipe for a delicious dish. For its preparation we need ingredients from the following list: potatoes - 6 tubers of medium size, one zucchini, one egg, 5 tablespoons. spoons of flour, 0.5 teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste, vegetable oil - 6 tbsp. spoons.

pancakes recipes


So, let's start making potato and squashdraniki. This process will take you no more than half an hour. If you use a young zucchini, then completely grate it. Otherwise, the vegetable should first be peeled and peeled. Potatoes are also cleaned, mine and grind on a grater. Mix the vegetables. We add the egg, mix it. Then salt, pepper and fall asleep with flour. We mix the mass well. In the frying pan, we heat the oil and spoon out the vegetable dough for future draniki. Fry them from both sides to a golden hue. On the table, the resulting pancakes can be served with sour cream or your favorite sauce.

squash potatoes with cheese

Pancakes from courgettes with cheese

We offer one more recipe of this dish.These pancakes are very airy and tender. We will cook them from the following products: two eggs, one zucchini of medium size, 100 grams of cheese of solid sorts, a little salt and pepper, vegetable oil.

To start zucchini we rub on grater and salt.We leave them for a while, so that excess moisture will come out. At this time in a separate bowl we beat eggs. Add to them flour and pepper. Cheese grind the grater and send it to the dough. We mix it well. Shredded zucchini squeezed and mixed with the dough. If you do not free the vegetables from excess moisture, you will have to add more flour. Pour the oil into the frying pan and reheat it well. Then fry the squash pancakes with cheese on both sides. Ready to put pancakes on a plate and served on the table. Bon Appetit!

squash potatoes in the oven

Pancakes from courgettes in the oven

This dish is used by most housewives to cook using a frying pan. However, there are a lot of recipes, suggesting the baking of pancakes in the oven. We suggest to consider several of them.

In the oven pancake dumplings, the recipe of which wewe offer you, cooking is not more difficult than the analogue of this dish in the pan. First, find out what products we need for this. So, you should stock up on the following ingredients: young zucchini - 1 kg, one egg, onion of a small size, flour - 6 tablespoons, salt to taste.

Zucchini washed and grind with largegraters. The resulting mass is spread in a colander, salt and stir with a spoon to stack extra juice. After that, again send the squash in a bowl. Break the egg here, mix. Clean and chop the onion. Then send it to the zucchini. Fall asleep flour. Knead the dough. We lay out the future potato pancakes with a spoon on a baking sheet made with baking paper. We send pancakes in the oven. They should be baked for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. If necessary, during the baking process, the pancakes can be turned over if the lower part starts to stick. Finished pancakes will only shift on a plate and serve. Squash pancakes in the oven are completely nonfat and very tender. Enjoy your meal!

pancakes potatoes

Recipe zucchini pancakes with garlic sauce

If you are tired of banal pancakes with sour cream,Try cooking this dish. Such pancakes will be very tender, and garlic sauce will give them a unique taste and aroma. If you decide to treat yourself and your household to this dish, take care of the presence in the kitchen of such products as a pound of zucchini, one egg, a head of onions, 2-3 tbsp. spoons of flour, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. We will make the sauce from the following ingredients: a pair of garlic cloves, 50 g of mayonnaise, a little salt and pepper. If you prefer to do without mayonnaise, you can replace it with vegetable oil or sour cream.

Pancake squash, the recipe of which weconsider, you should start to do with the preparation of vegetables. So, pre-washed zucchini rub on a coarse grater. Slightly prisalivaem them and leave for a few minutes. Peel the onions and grind. Now let's do the sauce. To do this, chop the garlic using a press. Add mayonnaise, pepper and salt. Mix well. The sauce is ready. We continue to engage in dough for pancakes. Squeeze zucchini, removing excess fluid. Fill them with crushed onions, flour. Add the egg, salt and pepper. If necessary, pour a little vegetable oil. Spoon the dough on a preheated frying pan and fry the pancakes on both sides, gently turning them over. Serve the ready dish on the table hot with garlic sauce. Enjoy your meal!