/ / Sagittarius-woman + male-Pisces = war of elements

Sagittarius-woman + male-Pisces = war of elements

Girl-Sagittarius, guy-Fish - their compatibilityrather doubtful. It is an explosive alliance that can "rip" at any time. After all, in life, Water and Fire can not be together. A harmonious whole of this pair is, of course, possible, but only if they go to a common goal.

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Is the Sagittarius Fisher

In love, the Sagittarius woman will never be able tocompletely belong to the partner. She by nature is like that cat that walks by itself, free and alone even next to her beloved. The Pisces man only dreams of being near his beloved home, and he is amazed, sometimes even annoyed by her irrepressible activity and yearning for anything. She will never become a housewife, but the decision of all family problems will take on exactly what the man-fish will be unspeakably happy. After all, he does not even know how to approach the solution of his problems, not just to take on someone else's self.

And what is marriage?

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Is the union "Sagittarius Woman + Man-Pisces" possible?And why do we need a marriage? This question is asked by each man-fish. He just does not understand why all these rules are needed, which are so important. That is why their family can be called the life of neighbors, which try to agree among themselves. Compatibility "Sagittarius-woman + man-fish" will be broken by the difference in their characters. Realizing that her beloved is weak in spirit and not very determined, she can overstep the stick, that is, before him appears no longer an ardent and irrepressible mistress, but an arrogant and rude lady who likes to command. Correct this attitude can the appearance of a child in the house. For the sake of this little creature, the Sagittarius woman will close her eyes to all the faults of her husband and correct her own character. She will not only become a homebody, but also be able to become an ideal mother and wife. All these changes will please the man-Pisces, who will finally be able to show his masculine principle. He will become a wonderful father and husband. The main thing is that he does not overdo the stick in his excessive care for the child. Otherwise, the relationship between him and the baby can become very tense.

Sagittarius-woman + male-Pisces: and whether there is a friendship?

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The question is rhetorical.Friendship between a man and a woman is possible. Someone believes that no, but in this version it will be very fruitful communication. Female Sagittarius, male-Pisces is a union of romantic friends who can grow into something more if a man no longer needs a muse to create poems or statues of goddesses. And she is a really beautiful muse.

A little about work

But is it as fruitful as all the others,will there be a business alliance between Sagittarius and Pisces? The latter in the role of leader shows all his best qualities. He seeks to create subordinates the most comfortable conditions, and for the basis takes the comfort of the home, which he so appreciates. True, such conditions are not very suitable for the work of a practical and very hot-tempered Sagittarius. She does not tolerate freedom at work. Therefore, as a leader, she is quite a despotic ruler. She is not at all interested in the comfort of employees, and all her frequent mood changes are carried over to them. Such a union quickly tires Pisces. Drawing a conclusion, we note that the union "Sagittarius-woman + Pisces man" is good in love, family and friendship, but not in business.