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To see the dead in a dream, what is it?

We will talk about dream books and interpretationsdreaming. For example, a person well-known to me says that he constantly dreams of the dead. It is only natural that he is actively interested in what it is. In fact, personally, I believe that dreams are a kind of game of our mind. The Bible says that dreams come from many worries.

Nevertheless, we can not dismiss thethe fact that dreams can come true. Sometimes they come true literally, and sometimes they warn us about future events. One day my wife had a strange dream. She dreamed that her father was lying dead on the couch. I then told her that it was just a dream, but she was not left with an uneasy feeling, and she called her parents. It turned out that his father died literally at the time when she dreamed of it. How can we then ignore metaphysical phenomena and, in particular, dreams?

Today we will consider this issue in more detailand find out what it means when the deceased dreams. I have been interested in esotericism and religion for a long time, I also know a few things about dreams. To see the deceased in my sleep, I myself had to repeatedly. Sometimes the late father dreams, sometimes his grandparents. I also dreamed that I myself was dead.

What does the dream book say on this issue?To see a dead person in a dream is good or bad? It's no secret that there are many different dream books. In them can be and various interpretations of dreams, at times directly opposite. I propose a general interpretation of the dreamers of this event. That is, if we consider different dream books, then we can derive a general theory for all of them.

Let's not forget that from the point of view ofmetaphysics, our thoughts form reality. Also of great importance is the question of faith. We will proceed from the fact that dreams are the result of the activity of our subconscious, which always wishes us well. If, for example, you see a deceased in a dream, as in the above case, you should understand that you could not change anything because the dream was a statement of a fait accompli.

In other cases, dreams warn us thatcan happen, but not at all what will happen. In any case, to see a deceased person in a dream, that is, a person who has already died, it is not to evil. I repeat that to me and they themselves dream and mostly to good. If I try to treat this dream with several sentences, then we will get the following results.

  • If you see a person who has died in a dream, this signifies good luck, achievement of the set goals.
  • If in a dream you deceive a deceased relative,then this is not good and, perhaps, it indicates the impending tragedy. I would in this case pray and believe that God can change any situation for good.
  • If you dream that the deceased is you, then it's to long years of life. This is for luck, the end of a difficult period of life. You see? Sleep is good, but can scare many people.
  • If you are dreaming of the deceased, who are unfamiliar to you, then it can report a mild ailment or unnecessary worries.
  • In love, the dead can dream, foreshadowing treason.

What other interpretations exist?To see a deceased person in a dream according to the popular dream book will accept the beliefs - to change the weather. I do not know what to say. If a person often dreams of the deceased, and the weather is stable, then apparently, it is worth looking for another interpretation, is not it?

Nevertheless, if you see a deceased person in a dream, thenthere is a person already dead, then this phenomenon can indeed be interpreted as a sign of a change in the weather. Why is that? The fact is that the phantoms of the dead can penetrate into our dreams when there are sharp changes in atmospheric pressure. In any case, the deceased represent messengers from the parallel world who are also our guides and protectors.

It is believed that importance is for a dreamerthe words that the characters of dreams say, the message they carry. If the deceased dreams to you often and this worries you, it is quite possible that you just need to visit their graves or remember them with people close to you.

I wish you that your dreams only signify good, wonderful events for you!