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Interpreter: why does the deceased live?

Why does the deceased live?This dream is very interesting. Many sources believe that such a dream means a change of weather. However, much for correct interpretation depends on the details of the dream. For example, a very different meaning will have a dream in which the dead call for themselves.

Why does the deceased live
Dream of Veles

If a person sees as a living grandmother and grandfather intheir own home is a dream warning. Someone from the relatives of the dreamer in their line of serious health problems. Long dead relatives - to important events in the family.

The snot-maker from "A" to "I": what does the deceased live

A dream in which a person sees the deceased moreliving relatives, foreshadows their longevity and good health. When a dead person comes to life in a dream, this means that something long lost to them will return to the dreamer. And he did not count on the return of this. When a girl who is dead dreams her lover - to a sad separation from him. The dream in which the sleeper is surrounded by the revived dead, who have turned into ghouls and want to drink his blood, is a harbinger of a lot of trouble in personal relationships and a decline in social status.

Dream interpretation of Zhou-Gunn: what does the dead man dream about

If the dead person comes to life - this is to the news, to the letter. To see the dead son - to a joyful event with some addition. To see the venerable ancestors who have already died foreshadow great happiness.

To dream of a dead man alive
Dream Aesop

When a sleeper sees in a dream a man who has already died, alive - to a change in the weather.

Russian dream book: to see a dead man in a dream alive

This dream is a feeling of guilt.have a sleeper to that person. If, on the contrary, the living dream of a dead man, then the dreamer may have a hidden desire to die this person. Sleep can also talk about the fear of loss.

Wanderer's Dreambook

When a person sees in a dream alive people whoin fact, already dead, then in reality it may portend rest, rest, or a change in the weather. A bad omen is a dream in which the dead call and lead. It dreams of death (loved ones or his), misfortunes and illnesses. The same meaning has a dream in which a person takes something from the living dead or gives them.

The interpretation of dreams dead alive
Dream Dream Winter. Interpretation of dreams: dead man alive

When a person in a dream sees the death still alivefriends or loved ones, in reality, relationships with them can for some reason deteriorate, and feelings fade away or weaken greatly. If a dreaming person is seen alive, people who are already dead, and he is talking to them, in reality there will be some changes in his personal life. A bad dream is one in which the living dead call the one who is dreaming with him. It warns of terrible, mortal danger. If a person dreams of being alive already dead relatives who behave calmly and serenely, in reality he needs to trust fate and not worry about trifles. A dreaming dreaming conversation with people who have died recently is a warning of real threats and dangers.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century: what the dead person dreams about

When dead people dream alive - to weakness or big trouble. If, on the contrary, a living person in a dream is seen dead, then in reality he will live a long time and get rid of his afflictions.